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Dolly Parton Brings Comfort in a Crisis With New Song ‘When Life Is Good Again’

See Dolly Parton's music video for uplifting new song, 'When Life Is Good Again'

Dolly Parton says “be safe, be respectful, wear your mask” in her new video for “When Life Is Good Again”

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Dolly Parton's new quarantine-inspired tune "When Life if Good Again" touches on themes of friendship, compassion and becoming better people. --> #KPRC2 

Dolly Parton's new song 'When Life Is Good Again' is a message of hope during the pandemic

LIVE: Watch#TIME100Talks  featuring conversations with entertainment icon Dolly Parton, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and social entrepreneur Dr. Raj Panjabi

Dolly Parton Offers Message Of Hope In New Song, 'When Life Is Good Again'

Country Music legend Dolly Parton has released a new song examining what Americans are facing in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dolly Parton's new song 'When Life Is Good Again' is a message of hope during the pandemic

Dolly Parton sings message of hope during the pandemic on new song 'When Life Is Good Again'


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It sounds like a gag. But it's real -- and really great. @DollyParton  is funding some of the most important, most promising COVID-19 treatment research. That's right. DOLLY PARTON may just save us all.

#BTS while Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus perform #Jolene  at the #GRAMMYs  #BTSxGrammys 

BTS Released The Official Video Of Their Grammy Awards Trip And It Shows Jungkook Getting Emotional Over Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is thinking about collaborating with BTS after the #GRAMMYs : “Maybe my next #Jolene  collab will be with [BTS]?”

#BTS ' Jungkook was maybe shedding a few tears while watching Dolly Parton at th #GrammyAwards  and it is the purest thing ? ARMY #BTSARMY 

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Let us all also remember that Dolly Parton has given ONE HUNDRED MILLION (not a typo, nor hyperbole) books to kids.

We are OBSESSED with presenting an award for the first time AND rocking out to the Dolly Parton tribute at the ? #GRAMMYs  #BTSArmy  #BTSxGrammys 

From Dolly Parton to BTS, here are the stars from the 2019 #Grammys  red carpet:

note to activist trying to shut down Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede Dolly does more good in one day than u will in your whole misguided life

Fun fact: Dolly Parton's foundation is the single biggest buyer of children's books in America. Literally no one else buys more kid's books.