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This video clip claiming to be a #BBC news report about NATO and Russia has been circulating widely, particularly on WhatsApp. We'd like to make absolutely clear that it's a #fake and does not come from the BBC. #fakenewsnews
The global SMS system does around 20bn messages a day. WhatsApp is now doing 42bn. With 57 engineers.
3 months
The WhatsApp founder interview is fascinating. The regret is dripping. So yeah, you got rich, but you also sold the one promising rebel base to the empire. How does that feel? Unsurprisingly: Not great.
End-to-end encryption does not prevent Facebook from accessing WhatsApp chats
No, WhatsApp doesn't have a “backdoor” in its encryption, but it does take a little effort to lock it down.
5 months
How does WhatsApp make money? No advertising, no algorithms, doesn’t ask you to download anything...?????
President Buhari is due to visit pro- #Biafra stronghold in south-eastern #Nigeria - What does this mean to you? Send us a voice message on Whatsapp on 00447711388203 or write your comments on here
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