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BREAKING: DOE Announces Notice of Sale of Crude Oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

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Workin boo admiring these new arrivals doe come holla! @ Pressed ATL

US to sell up to 12 million barrels of #SPR  sour crude in March: DOE | #crudeoil  | @BrianJScheid  story:

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#OOTT | DoE: US To Sell Up To 12M Bbls Of Oil From Strategic Petroleum Reserve In Compliance With 2015 Budget Act - RTRS

If coronavirus impacts schools, here’s what the DOE is planning to do #HNN 

The Delhi govt schools which were closed in view of violence in northeast Delhi and parts of east Delhi will open tomorrow for staff to assess the situation, DoE said today

The witness, called Doe'>Jane Doe in court, testified that a @HamiltonPolice  officer intimidated her during an investigation in which she provided information years ago — just as Jeremy Hall's spouse, Carol Anne Eaton, has claimed. The latest from @jonjwells 

Last year, @AppropsDems  secured $38.6 billion for @ENERGY , with increased funding for clean, affordable, & secure energy. The #TrumpBudget  undermines this progress by slashing DOE's funding & eliminating transformational energy investments altogether.


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first selfie of the year doe. #2020 

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Da Baedoe! I might have to be team Ghana on this one idc idc idc

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I just found out I have a FUNKY WHITE SISTER???? forreal doe??& she brought her home girl with her from da hood that keep tip toeing in the background with a plate of food? yo I’m done!? but she straight killed “Work It” sound effects & all?? I love it???

It’s been 9 years since Greg Jennings put the team on his back doe ?

We have been waiting 6 years for this: Who’s who in the Blake Griffin “He didn’t even stretch doe” video! Thanks

She has been known to the world as “Emily Doe,” the sexual assault victim of Stanford swimmer Brock Turner. Now she’s revealing her name and face. Chanel Miller, here reading her victim impact statement, gives her first interview to "60 Minutes"

BREAKING: Appeals Court just ruled that President Trump can’t block young immigrants, like our client Doe'>Jane Doe, from getting abortions.

Ahhhh leave mani alone ! ??I've changed my number a couple times so she was confused ? so she gets a pass . @NormaniKordei  still love u doe