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In my deepest, darkest post-partum depression, I would have personally never called a phone number. If John or my doctor never reached out, I would have never even known. It really can be a lonely hole. Watch the people you love and don’t be afraid to speak up.
New Doctor Who, New friends, New Adventures. #DoctorWho
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“‘They applied injections because he was very agitated,’ Diego said. A person he described as ‘the doctor’ injected Adonias in the middle of a class, Diego said. ‘He would then fall asleep.’” Read this if you care and can. Imagine your child there.
Hey @jk_rowling if you ever want me to send Doctor Strange & The X-Men to Hogwarts to teach a few classes, just let me know. I think they could also hold down the fort against Voldemort.
I want to live in a world where every sick child can see a doctor.
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Oh great a female Doctor Who. What next? Female real doctors? Female pilots? Female scientists? Female sisters and mothers? Female WOMEN?!
Here's what happened when a Republican senator challenged a Canadian doctor on their single-payer health care system.
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Allegations made by Senator Jon Tester against Admiral/Doctor Ron Jackson are proving false. The Secret Service is unable to confirm (in fact they deny) any of the phony Democrat charges which have absolutely devastated the wonderful Jackson family. Tester should resign. The.....
ADVISOR: u going to Trump's Inauguration?

BUSH: Doctor said I can't

ADVISOR: u wanna hit that super Bowl?

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