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Meet the Thirteenth Doctor #DoctorWho #Doctor13
Oh great a female Doctor Who. What next? Female real doctors? Female pilots? Female scientists? Female sisters and mothers? Female WOMEN?!
Here's what happened when a Republican senator challenged a Canadian doctor on their single-payer health care system.
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I want to live in a world where every sick child can see a doctor.
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my doctor was kind enough to give me his number and I'm gonna make him regret this
ADVISOR: u going to Trump's Inauguration?

BUSH: Doctor said I can't

ADVISOR: u wanna hit that super Bowl?

When the doctor asks me how long I've been smoking I just give em this pic
.@RandPaul seems to think a right to health care is akin to slavery. This Canadian doctor thinks otherwise.
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Americans should not hesitate about going to a doctor because they do not have enough money. They should not be cutting their pills in half.
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