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Epstein doc claims he ran pyramid scheme with 'ever-revolving door of girls'

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@linkberland  @DarelHeitkampM  @FriedbergEricO  @RichDuszakC  @rsx50  was @AmyKotsenas  @Radlewismn  @sethmhardye  @kbeaversmdv  @benwhitemder  about education. It was about money and data. More frequent testing means more updates to doc data. Ask yourself: who determines OLA pushed content? Industry? Pharma? Academics w/research or social justice agenda?

The Doc@celinegounder  about to go on CNN with her analysis on the virus latest.

TV-radio: ESPN doc on Lance Armstrong premieres tonight, @ToddFreed57  hopes to relaunch canceled high school show, local radio ratings, etc.

ICYMI: The Undertaker, aka Houston native Mark Calaway, discusses five-part doc "The Last Ride" streaming on WWE Network

Watching the last of the Jordan doc. No spoilers please.

Thank you doc. Have a safe and happy eid

Tonight's doc takes a dive into the life and career of the controversial, polarizing athlete and public figure.

Netflix's doc will finally give the survivors a platform to speak for themselves.


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The LeBron doc in 20 years is gonna be legendary. 👑


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It’s shocking how the media oppose hydroxychloroquine &ignore the large # of docs who support& prescribe it. If you get this virus& become very ill &you & your doc believe it can help then you should use it. Why do they keep hammering the president about this?This is common sense

stan twitter is crazy cause i met some of you in my meet and greets when you first discovered box dye and doc martins and now some of you are literally lawyers and teachers and doctors. like excuse me SAM how are u saving lives i just saw u cry to colors. ur doing great sweetie

MJ doc yesterday! 4/20 today! These are the best two back to back days I’ve had in a long time. Enjoy ✌🏾

“He had that DNA that very few athletes can ever have.” Doc Rivers on Kobe Bryant.

To everyone telling me how courageous I am for appearing in the doc, it didn't feel risky at all. I believe these women and don't give a fuck about protecting a serial child rapist. Easy decision.

Busted my ear drum cliff diving. Doc says might need surgery now. Sucks.

From an ER doc in New York City on shift today: “Today. Is. F’ing. Nuts. It kinda blew up here. And sending home lots of people undoubtedly positive because we don’t test on discharged patients. This has been spreading a long time.”

Watching the new oasis doc ... unbelievable scenes .