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President Trump’s plan: -Secures the border -Moves to a merit-based legal immigration system #DoWhatWeSaid 

"Rep. Jordan: A border security wall needs to happen." #DoWhatWeSaid 

While the President was giving a great speech in El Paso, Congress was putting together a bad deal on immigration. #DoWhatWeSaid 

Happy New Year! In 2019 Republicans should stay strong, build the Wall, and #DoWhatWeSaid 

@freedomcaucus  members are on the House floor fighting to secure the border and #DoWhatWeSaid . Watch here:

@RepMarkMeadows  and I will be on Fox News with @seanhannity  tonight at 9 to talk border security. Tune in! #DoWhatWeSaid 

"House approves bill to avert government shutdown and fund border wall" #DoWhatWeSaid 


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When we act like Republicans, we win. When we act like Democrats, we lose. #DoWhatWeSaid 

Yesterday we offered amendments to the House Rules Committee to build the border security wall and #DoWhatWeSaid 

When is enough enough? It’s time to build the border security wall. It’s time to #DoWhatWeSaid