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Results for Divock Origi


Liverpool FC
@LFC 2 weeks
saturday night and i like the way you move divock origi sixtimes
Saturday night and I like the way you move, DIVOCK ORIGI! 😍

BT Sport Football
simply genius trent alexander arnold spots barcelona napping and divock origi makes no mistake 4 0 liverpool w

Trent Alexander-Arnold spots Barcelona napping and Divock Origi makes no mistake!!!

4-0 Liverpool 😱

Paddy Power
no ronaldo messi modric or bale in the final it s divock origi v fernando llorente for the biggest prize in eu
No Ronaldo, Messi, Modric or Bale in the final.

It's Divock Origi v Fernando Llorente for the biggest prize in European football.
Champions League
genius from trent alexander arnold cool finish by divock origi what a way to complete that comeback
🧠 Genius from Trent Alexander-Arnold
❄️ Cool finish by Divock Origi
👌 What a way to complete THAT comeback!

Premier League
mo salah and divock origi score as lfc beat spurs to win the champions league report
Mo Salah and Divock Origi score as @LFC beat Spurs to win the Champions League

Report 👉
Champions League
goal of the week 1 lionel messi 2 divock origi 3 lucas moura 4 hakim ziyech agree with the order
⚽️🏆 Goal of the Week 🏆⚽️

1. Lionel Messi
2. Divock Origi
3. Lucas Moura
4. Hakim Ziyech

🤔 Agree with the order?

#UCL #GOTW @NissanFootball
Liverpool FC
he kept working hard in training to impress the manager and coaching staff divock origi s commendable attitude
"He kept working hard in training to impress the manager and coaching staff."

Divock Origi's commendable attitude to his role in the #LFC squad made his end-of-season exploits just reward for the striker... 🙌

Liverpool FC
@LFC 1 month
85 origi makes way for gomez standing ovation around anfield for divock 4 0 ucl livbar
85' Origi makes way for Gomez. Standing ovation around Anfield for Divock! 👏👏


Champions League
who s your player of the week virgil van dijk tottenham v liverpool mohamed salah tottenham v liverpool alisso
Who's your #UCLfinal Player of the Week? 🤔

Virgil Van Dijk: Tottenham v LIVERPOOL
Mohamed Salah: Tottenham v LIVERPOOL
Alisson Becker: Tottenham v LIVERPOOL
Divock Origi: Tottenham v LIVERPOOL

#UCL | @FTBSantander
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