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#Turkey Erdogan: #Turkey  was continuing work setting up housing for Syrian refugees in a 30-35 km "safe zone" in #Syria  along the border with Turkey #Idlib  (his statement rebuke to reports Russia proposed 15 km strip of territory along the border to house camps for displaced)

Trapped between the closed Turkish border and an advancing Syrian army. The Whatsapp dispatches comes Idlib. Displaced Syrians From Idlib Province Set Up Tent Camps Near Turkey's Border : NPR

The land disputes in the Amazon have gotten so dire that, this past fall, 185 bishops met for 21 days, at the Vatican, for a synod on the region; there, they declared that supporting its displaced people is a “requirement of faith.”

Update Box Alarm 1100 block Neal St NE. #DCsBravest  have extinguished all fire & declares this incident under control. No injuries. 3 occupants possibly displaced. Investigators enroute to determine cause.

South Sudan's feuding leaders said they had reached an agreement for a unity government, after 7 years of civil war, an estimated 400,000 people killed and millions displaced

A two-alarm fire at a North Side apartment complex has displaced 12 people early Friday morning.

A fire inside a multi-family home in Providence that displaced four families was started by a 7-year-old who firefighters say was left home alone.

Harrowing report about the situation of thousands displaced from #Idlib  via @newhumanitarian 

Yes it's an election year & there was a Dem debate & debatable pardons, but 900,000 Syrians are displaced in Idlib, a right-wing terrorist killed 11 at a shisha bar in Germany, Iran is voting in an election that marks the end of a reform era. There's a world out there, America.

150,000 Syrians have been displaced from their homes in 3 days, according to @save_children , as the nation's civil war continues


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xkarla will donate a portion of proceeds to the Humane Society to help animals hurt and displaced in the fires

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Syria 270,000 killed 7 million internally displaced 4.2 million external refugees 13 million in need of assistance

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US officials tell me Trump wants to wash his hands of responsibility for the Kurds. The US mil/gov gave Kurds REPEATED assurances of protection. US even asked Kurds to REMOVE defenses BEFORE the Turkish offensive. Kurds complied and now being displaced. WH says not our problem.

The seasons change quickly here in Northern Syria. It’s now starting to get cold at night. Soon it will be very cold. Aid workers say 70,000 kids, at least, already displaced. Those parents must be thinking, 'this is the thanks the Kurdish people got for helping America.'

"Eight long years after President Obama's ill-fated push at regime change, U.S. troops are still on the ground in Syria. More than half a million people are dead, hundreds of thousands are terribly injured, and millions more Syrians are displaced."

Only four days into Turkish attack and one week after POTUS-Erdogan call: * UN: 130k displaced (likely to 3x) * ISIS terrorists escaping (caught after years of painstaking effort) * Syrians executed on roadways by Turkish-backed opposition forces * Main US supply lines cut..

This is an obscene and ignorant statement. 200k innocent people displaced. Hundreds dead. Credible reports of war crimes. ISIS prisoners escaping. US evacuating and bombing its own positions or handing them to Russia. Two kids in a lot?

Devastating floods in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh have killed at least 1,200 people and displaced millions.

Flooding in Nigeria has left more than 100,000 people displaced:

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press pooler (Dallas News) on Trump remarks: "reporters heard no mention of dead/dying/displaced Texans, no expression of sympathy for them"