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Disguise in Nature: The pygmy seahorse among coral check it out:

Disguise in Nature: The forest's "night hunter"

Much of what we encounter every day is really nature in disguise, writes Ziya Tong, a Canadian science journalist, in her new book "The Reality Bubble." We talked to her about this reality bubble and how to escape it.

“The world must understand that chavismo now uses progressive rhetoric as a veneer of legitimacy to disguise its increasing criminal nature.”

In order to disguise the nature and source of the bribe payments, parents were encouraged to funnel the money through the charity, The Key Worldwide Foundation, according to the affidavit

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Deborah Lipstadt hopes to awaken her audience to the nature, persistence and scale of modern anti-Semitism, and the ways in which it tries to disguise itself

"Antisemitism: Here and Now" aims not to break new scholarly ground but to awaken its audience to the nature, persistence and scale of the threat, along with the insidious ways in which it seeks to disguise itself, writes

TB: Nothing can disguise the nature of the deal the Prime Minister has chosen. It isn’t a compromise but a capitulation.

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And (b), in this case, the actual point is they’re being vague on tax to help disguise mythic nature of Brexit dividend. And (c) they’ve had trouble raising tax lately because of manifesto commitments... so how much borrowing/tax is reasonable. So I think pushing them atm is ok.

Fidelity. Disguise. The true nature of love. Immerse yourself in Mozart's masterpiece.


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Scientists have once again taken inspiration from one of nature’s masters of disguise: the chameleon.

To craft a new color-switching material, scientists have again taken inspiration from one of nature’s masters of disguise.

Some animals are masters of disguise. Can you find them in nature

Wear glasses and pretend to be clumsy to disguise your true nature as the last son of Krypton. #AdviceForYoungJournalists