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How long will Nicola Sturgeon be SNP leader? It may seem a strange question given the SNP’s thumping win in December’s election. But as we’ve heard on #bbcgms  recently there are voices in her party openly disagreeing with the leadership on major strategy decisions. #bbcgms  0720

Disagreeing with me is hate speech.

The @MLB_PLAYERS  issued a statement disagreeing with Commissioner Rob Manfred's explanation as to why the #Astros  players won't be disciplined for sign-stealing. Curious?

@yeselson  @jbouieI  @seanilling 'm not disagreeing with that part. I just find the whole "constitution of 1965 " bit irritating. The civil rights revolution did not alter the constitution. That was done during Reconstruction. All they did was make the government enforce it.

@RalstonReports  fwiw Trump at 30 is pretty much where he was w Latinos in 2016 and Rs were in 2018, not disagreeing w any of your other flags

In fact, I would love to know about an organisation with whom I am disagreeing with: @ARangarajan1972 , Author tells Rahul Shivshankar on INDIA UPFRONT. #JNUWaliAzadi 

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GM: “When results aren’t going your way it’s easy to start disagreeing with things but we don’t have that culture here. We have to find a way to get that next win and hopefully that starts tomorrow.”

@shawnsebastian  @kevinmcashmanB  @Pete Buttigiegut Buttigieg had the courage to disagree with current fashions about global warming being a problem. Oh wait, he was disagreeing with the consensus among economists that current deficits are not a problem. Whatever -- takes real courage to push an utterly uninformed opinion

@leepers500  Not sure if you get the link I’m connecting here. Current administration has racked up a trillion in debt. Mortgaging our future with tax cuts to the wealthy that will ultimately lead to suffering. Are you disagreeing or are we miscommunicating here?

looking forward to disagreeing with another award show.


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The anti-Trump: “I have no patience for toadies and sycophants,” Bloomberg said. “My ego doesn’t need the stroking. I hate to break this to you, but I’m not insecure about who I am – and I’m comfortable with people disagreeing with me and telling me so.”

Disagreeing with me is hate speech.

Had a dream last night (genuinely) that I was arrested and taken from my hotel by a team of VAR referees, in full kit, for disagreeing with a VAR decision. I may need a day off. ?

I used to believe that despite disagreeing with Republicans on many things that at the end of the day they would defend America against foreign attacks and they would uphold the Constitution. Apparently I was wrong.

The moment Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, was sent to attack me but ended up disagreeing with his own Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson.

I watched video of the Intelligence chiefs disagreeing with Trump's assessment of foreign policy risks. Now Trump says that those same Intelligence chiefs told him they were misquoted by the media Does this mean they were misquoting themselves while they were actually speaking?

Best fans in the world. Imagine disagreeing. #MUFC 

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Here are the facts before us: This is an allegation of misconduct which all four supposed witnesses either flatly contradict or are unable to back up. It’s not just one alleged witness disagreeing with the allegations -- it’s literally every person who was supposedly there.

I get disagreeing with politics or policies or interpretation of such -- but WH is disagreeing with facts right now.