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In 6 days since acquittal, Trump/WH have: -Removed Vindman -Removed Sondland -Vowed payback/retribution -Attacked judge in Roger Stone case -Attacked DOJ prosecutors for Stone sentencing proposal -Attacked FBI Director Wray -Withdrawn Liu/McCusker nominations

In 2018, Alexander Vindman became Director for European Affairs with the National Security Council. Also in 2018, at least eight former wrestlers said that @Jim_Jordan  had been aware of allegations of sexual misconduct by wrestling coach Richard Strauss.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was director of European Affairs at the National Security Council. He started his post at the Trump White House in 2018.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is director of European Affairs at the National Security Council. He started his post at the Trump White House in 2018.

The theory of Trump's defense is that there is a massive conspiracy between the Democratic Party and Bolton (Trump's former NSC director), Sondland (donated $1M to Trump's inauguration) and Taylor (Trump's hand-selected top diplomat in Ukraine), and Vindman (part of Trump's NSC)

@TomFitton will appear on @LouDobbs ” on @FoxBusiness  at 7 pm ET tonight, November 19, to discuss former Deputy FBI Director McCabe denying the existence of the Deep State; Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman & State Dept. employee testimonies before the House Intel Committee; & more!

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Decorated military hero Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman serves as Director of European Affairs on Trump’s National Security Council. Trump’s White House led the smear campaign against him that the @HouseGOP  ran with during today’s #ImpeachmentHearing .

National Security Council supervisors and colleagues raised concerns about Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s judgment on multiple occasions, according to testimony Tuesday from former National Security Director of Russia and European affairs Tim Morrison.

Jordan cites from Morrison testimony that he had concerns about DirectorVindman’s judgment. vindman cites from Hill’s laudatory mid July review of Vindman. Says can’t say why morrison questioned his judgment, but Morrison had just started. maybe different cultures

Republicans are trying to say that Vindman was self-aggrandizing. As NSC Director for Ukriane, he was totally right to describe his role as being the person who was most knowledgeable on Ukraine, who coordinated the content for policy toward Ukraine, (and fed it up the chain.)


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LIVE: @HouseIntel  Hearing with Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, Director for European Affairs at the National Security Council and Jennifer Williams, a senior adviser to VP Pence. Their testimony confirms key details of Trump's Ukraine pressure campaign:

One of the Dems' witnesses in today's hearing: Alexander Vindman—National Security Director for European Affairs. He testified that the transcript was a “very accurate” record of the call. America has the FACTS—we have the transcript! Text "MADNESS" to 80810!

Dems release transcript of Tim Morrison impeachment deposition. Senior NSC Director for Russia, Europe. Fiona Hill's replacement, Alexander Vindman's boss.

NEW: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, director for European Affairs at NSC, insisted on going to work today, a day after he testified that he twice went to NSC’s top lawyer about his concerns about Trump & others wrongly pressuring Ukraine to investigate Bidens, a source familiar says

- Philip Reeker on Oct. 23, Acting Assistant Secretary of European and Eurasian affairs - Alexander Vindman on Oct. 24 (director of European affairs, NSC) - Suriya Jayanti on Oct. 25, foreign service officer in Kiev - Timothy Morrison on Oct. 25, top Russia adviser at NSC

Check out this U.S. delegation to Zelensky inauguration in May: Perry, Volker, Sondland, Alexander Vindman, Director for European Affairs, NSC,& Pennington, Acting DCM for the United States Embassy in Ukraine . Wonder what they discussed?

Given this new reporting about Secretary Perry, look at the delegation to Zelensky inauguration last May: Perry, Volker, Sondland, NSC Director Vindman, and Acting DCM at Kyiv embassy Pennington. Why is our Secretary of Energy heading this delegation?