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When Dippy visited Dorset for #DippyOnTour , he discovered lots about local hero and pioneering palaeontologist Mary Anning, born #OTD  in 1799. From ammonites to ancient marine reptiles, there are loads of fossils to be found around Britain.

Happy 115th birthday Dippy! 🦕 🎂 Dippy our Diplodocus cast was unveiled to the public at the Museum 115 years ago today. He didn't always live in Hintze Hall though. Watch as museum staff, in 1979, carefully move him to his new home.

Next week is a very special day for one of our biggest and most loved residents, as Dippy turns 115 🥳! In honour of Dippy and #FossilFriday  this week's #NatureDrawingClub  theme is DINOSAURS 🦕🦖🐧! So dazzle us with your best dino doodle!

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It's 115 years since Dippy the dinosaur was unveiled at the Museum. To celebrate, we've created a mini paper model of Dippy's skull, which you can cut out, fold and display in your own home. 🦕

As Dippy is having a socially-distant birthday this year, we'd love to see your pictures of our much-loved Diplodocus. Share them using #NHMAtHome  and celebrate his 115th birthday with us! #CultureInQuarantineMW 

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Dippy has featured in newspaper cartoons, news reports and even played starring roles in film and television. Take a look back at his long life as one of the best-loved exhibits in the history of the Museum.

Dippy has had a fantastic time visiting venues around the UK, inspiring both the young and old. Public health must remain everyone’s priority, so #DippyOnTour  is currently on pause. We hope he will be welcoming back visitors as soon as possible. We'll share any updates with you.

It's spring, and the birds are in full song. 🐦🎶 But did you know that our feathered friends can have regional accents? Find out what Dippy discovered when he visited @BM_AG  for #DippyOnTour . 🦕

With the launch of our #UrbanNature  project, we're looking forward to a new weatherproof cast of Dippy taking centre stage in our new gardens. Find out more about the plans and leave your feedback here:


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Not to be all hippie dippy but it’s wild that we spray cotton with pesticides to keep up with demand then shove that cotton up our vaginas

Now fracking is in trouble, while renewables just keep getting stronger. But I guess some people just have a hard time taking hippie-dippy energy sources seriously 3/

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Made this birthday video to play before @diplo ’s set at @EDC_Orlando .. love you @diplo ..ur my betsy dippy ????

I'm having dippy egg and soldiers for breakfast. I'm actually excited to eat it, that's sad right? Reminds me of school days! Perrie <3

Now here we are over a year later and I was promised proof of “MUH RUSHUH” and all we have are desperate pols who just repeat the same dippy and debunked accusations. <JerryMaguire>Show me the proof!</JerryMaguire> /finis

After nearly four decades standing guard at the gateway to the Natural History Museum, Dippy the dinosaur has made way for Hope the whale

Dippy the Dinosaur is set to be disassembled ahead of its national tour #dippyontour 

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