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Matthew Espinosa
kenny is on the way with a quas a dilla i m so hype
Kenny is on the way with a quas a dilla I'm so hype
@Genius 2 years
happy birthday to the legend j dilla
happy birthday to the legend, J Dilla 🙏
Matthew Espinosa
we need a new age j dilla
We need a new age J Dilla
Justin Timberlake
random thought iand music misses dilla
Random Thought:

I(and music) miss(es) DILLA.
j dilla would ve been 42 todaylook back at the late rapper producer s career and influence
J Dilla would've been 42 today—look back at the late rapper/producer's career and influence
@common 2 years
happy born day to the great j dilla there will never be another
Happy Born Day to the great J Dilla! There will never be another!
XXL Magazine
@XXL 4 years
j dilla would have been 41 today here s 20 songs that prove everybody in hip hop loved him
J Dilla would have been 41 today. Here's 20 songs that prove everybody in hip-hop loved him:
Questlove Gomez
j dilla forever and ever amen
J Dilla. forever. and ever. amen.
Jemele Hill
after listening to that remy ma track i had to throw on some dilla just to stop the burning in my chest
After listening to that Remy Ma track,
I had to throw on some Dilla just to stop the burning in my chest.
XXL Magazine
@XXL 4 years
nine years ago today hip hop lost a legend here s our 32 favorite j dilla beats ripjdilla
Nine years ago today hip-hop lost a legend. Here's our 32 favorite J Dilla beats: #RIPJDILLA
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