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Bye Bye Breakouts!!! Step 1 Cleanse (2x Daily) Step 2 Exfoliate (Every 3rd Day) Step 3 Moisturize (After Every Cleanse) Step 4 Apply Eye Cream (Daily) Step 5 Wear SPF (Daily) Step 6 Drink#Water  #GreenTea  (Daily) Step 7 Eat a Diet Rich in Green Veggies

Recognize That Small Health Changes Add Up: -Park your car so you have to walk a little farther rather than hunting for “the closest spot.” -Take the stairs instead of the elevator. -Think of each step as a calorie burned. -Ditch the diet drinks & drink water instead.

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Looking to get on top of your fitness and diet? This program is designed to help you lose weight the healthy way. Using a combination of healthy eating and professional coaching, Noom can help you stay on track and help you lose weight. Find out more:

Should you be cutting nightshades out of your diet?

Content that "makes a miraculous claim about certain diet or weight loss products" may be removed if it's linked to a discount code

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If you are a #Vegan  or if you know someone who is...or you are curious about a vegan diet, click here:

Up your health with these diet, wellness and fitness influencers!


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The sugar that saturates the Americandiet has a barbaric history as the 'white gold' that fueled slavery, writes Khalil Gibran Muhammad. "It was the introduction of sugar slavery in the New World that changed everything."

If celebs and influencers were actually honest with us about some of these diet/detox products...

He lagged mid-air 🤣 (via josiahs_on_a_diet/IG)

I was trying to explain Jordan Peterson and his meat diet to someone earlier today and I called him "Gwyneth Paltrow but for incels" and I feel like I've cracked a code

The only diet advice you should take from celebrities is: “DON’T TAKE DIET ADVICE FROM CELEBRITIES.” They don’t give a flying fuck about you, or your kidneys or your liver or your mental health. Unfollow, delete, repeat. ❤️

How many diet cokes did Trump consume while he gulped and waited for the defeat of his pedophile candidate?? #swishswish 

I like what obama is doing. There is only so much time in a news day. No one has had the weight to challenge Trump dominance of the news cycle. Obama has that weight. Just by speaking he’s altering the diet of what news people consume. His very presence in the fight is disruptive

One egg provides 6 to 8 grams of protein with only 70 calories. Learn more about your diet and lifestyle by following Cleveland Clinic.