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The city of Dickinson, Texas is requiring people applying for Hurricane Harvey aid to promise not to boycott Israel. This is unconstitutional.
Astounding video shows numerous boats maneuvering around stranded vehicles on flooded street in Dickinson, Texas.
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Armada of private boats rescuing hundreds in heavily flooded Dickinson TX @KHOU @wfaachannel8
This is reminiscent of McCarthy-era loyalty oaths. Anyone asked by the city of Dickinson, Texas to sign this application should contac @ACLUTxt her
Bruce Dickinson undergoes cancer treatment -
.@GalvCoTX Family needs help at 1510 Pinecrest, Dickinson, TX.
In Dickinson, Texas, opinions of Israel can determine eligibility for hurricane relief. This is unconstitutional.
WATCH: Astounding video shows numerous boats going around stranded vehicles on flooded street in Dickinson, Texas:
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Numerous Rescue Boats Maneuvering Around Stranded Vehicles In Dickinson, Texas.
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