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Vote for Congressman Devin Nunes, a true American Patriot the likes of which we rarely see in our modern day world....he truly loves our country and deserves everyone’s support!
Representative Devin Nunes, a man of tremendous courage and grit, may someday be recognized as a Great American Hero for what he has exposed and what he has had to endure!
It’s a good thing Devin Nunes is not taking my course on national security decision making. I expect my students’ written work to be compelling, accurate, and unbiased. By those standards, I would have to give him an F. Let’s hope his constituents do the same in November.
Schiff: This is the first we heard about the "good FBI agents" leaking laptop info to Devin Nunes.
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A single source familiar with the meeting tells us:

Surprise meeting tonight between Deputy Atty General Rod Rosenstein and House Speaker Paul Ryan was requested by Rosenstein to discuss matters related to Congressman Devin Nunes and the Russia investigation.
A reminder that Devin Nunes was a member of the Trump transition team. He is now leading the charge to release cherry picked classified material in an attempt to undermine an FBI investigation of the president —WHOSE TRANSITION TEAM HE SERVED ON...
Rep. Joaquin Castro, a Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee, told me he approached Chairman Devin Nunes on the floor and told him Dems wanted to attend the DOJ briefing on the FBI source. Nunes’ response: “I’m not going to play that game.”
The idea that Devin Nunes will investigate Trump/Russia is a farce. It's time for a real, independent, transparent inquiry.
If the Republican Party wants to do what is best for this country and its national security, they will remove Devin Nunes as Intel Chairman.
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