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Despite the company outside, I believe in equal rights for everyone. I think God loves all. Thanks for coming to the show though.
Despite the Fake News Media in conjunction with the Dems, an amazing job is being done in Puerto Rico. Great people!
We did it! Thank you to all of my great supporters, we just officially won the election (despite all of the distorted and inaccurate media).
Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication...and WOW, Comey is a leaker!
The military and first responders, despite no electric, roads, phones etc., have done an amazing job. Puerto Rico was totally destroyed.
A reminder that open enrollment begins on November 1. Despite Trump’s actions and words, enrollment will still go on
My fellow trans Americans despite what some may say your existence is valuable. Your lives, safety, & service matter. #TransIsBeautiful
The Trump base is far bigger & stronger than ever before (despite some phony Fake News polling). Look at rallies in Penn, Iowa, Ohio.......
Despite the phony Witch Hunt going on in America, the economic & jobs numbers are great. Regulations way down, jobs and enthusiasm way up!
When a group of male Senators put Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court despite Anita Hill’s accusations women should have taken it as a sign
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