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EXCLUSIVE: Lonzo Ball and BBB cancel the original ZO2 Prime design.

Introducing the kicks he'll wear this season:
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The Schumer/Pelosi thing was by design and @realdonaldtrump should learn a lesson from it. They are trying to erode base support for Trump.
#BTSALBUM5DAYS #BTS reveal design and details of their much anticipated new album 'Love Yourself: Her'

me: this is my design
If one if you can create a really cool design with the illuminate theme or whatever really & i love it i will definitely get it tattooed.
Good: Design looks surprisingly robust, already has a panic disable.
Bad: Normalizes facial scanning, a tech certain to be abused.
tried 4 controllers on one playstation4 and literally not one of them connect. possibly the worst design of all time
Getting new in ears fitted ! What design should I get on them? #WWAtourrehearsals
“The Death Star had no design flaws. Period.”
femaleness is not a design flaw. If your immediate response to a woman who displeases you 12/14
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