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Would there be a Scottish/English border if Scotland became independent? If the UK wants a frictionless border between NI and the Republic, "why on earth would they want a border between Scotland and England?” asks the SDerek Mackay'>NP’s Derek Mackay#politicslive 

Would the Scottish government take the UK government to court if it is refused a second independence referendum? ”We will look at the options to pursue our democratic demand” says the SDerek Mackay'>NP’s Derek Mackay#politicslive 

Derek Mackay when asked by BBC if the Scot Govt could resort to legal action to get a Section 30 order for #indyref2 : "We'll look at the pathways, we'll look at the options" Today's @theipaper  story on this here: #snp19 

Derek Mackay will argue that staying part of the UK leaves Scotland “subject to the whim of Westminster turmoil”.

The Scottish Government is 'scaling up' the operation at Ferguson Marine after agreeing to take the troubled yard into public ownership, Derek Mackay has said.

'No failure' over three-year absence of Highlands and Islands RSA funds, argues Derek Mackay

'No failure' over three-year absence of Highlands and Islands RSA funds, argues Derek Mackay


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BREAKING: Derek Mackay'>Finance Secretary Derek Mackay has told those involved in Ferguson Marine shipyard dispute the government is “ready and willing” to take it into public ownership.

Derek Mackay says his budget “safeguards Scotland”. He adds that opposition parties who want additional money for spending need to outline where the cash would come from. He states “cannot completely protect Scotland from the recklessness of the UK government” #scotbudget 

#bbcgms asked to speak to Nicola Sturgeon, Andrew Wilson, John Swinney and Derek Mackay. None was available

Progressive and politically astute budget from Derek Mackay. On the income tax changes at least, there is little to complain about.

What an excellent budget from Derek MacKay. Redistributive and fair. Tories must be fuming. #scotbudget 

Derek Mackay's explanation for Scotland sliding towards recession is laughable. It undermines the credibility of Sturgeon's govt. Reshuffle?

Extraordinary interview with Derek Mackay on #bbcgms . Never heard such angry & aggressive interruptions from an interviewer @BBCScotlandNews