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The Defense Department is no longer moving forward with three border barrier projects in California and Arizona

From #Amarillo  to #Brownsville , the State Department positively impacts Texans through defense partnerships, environmental cooperation, and programs that benefit Texans who want to enter federal service. #State4States  Read more.

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The Defense Department says three projects to build barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona must be delayed due to a lack of funds.

In yet another setback to Trump’s agenda, the Defense Department will not continue with 3 border wall projects in California and Arizona because of "insufficient contract savings.”

The interim chief minister of the new Bangsamoro autonomous region earlier said that many loose firearms in Mindanao bear the markings of the Department of National Defense

The Defense Department is no longer moving forward with three border barrier projects in California and Arizona, according to a court filing Monday. (via Politico)

THEAD: I’m pleased to once again serve as a member of the National Defense Authorization Act conference committee. As Chairman of the Readiness Subcommittee, I oversee one-third of the Department of Defense’s programs.


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@RepDWStweets  isn’t going to let @realDonaldTrump  get away with stealing funds equal to nearly half of the Defense Department’s construction budget in order to build his wasteful, immoral border wall.

Today Defense Secretary Mark Esper notified me that the Department of Defense will reprogram $3.6 billion in funds appropriated for military construction projects, including at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, in order to build @realDonaldTrump  's misguided border wall.

Businesses that make money by collecting and selling detailed records of private lives were once plainly described as "surveillance companies." Their rebranding as "social media" is the most successful deception since the Department of War became the Department of Defense.

No one in the Defense Department is saying that the objects were extraterrestrial, and experts emphasize that earthly explanations can generally be found for such incidents. But the objects have gotten the attention of the Navy.

A video capturing an unidentified object flying off the coast of San Diego in 2004 has been released by the US Department of Defense

I have placed specific, on-the-record questions with the Defense Department today, including for an estimate of how much the 4th of July celebration will cost in taxpayer money. I was just referred to the White House for comment.

The Constitution is clear: Congress appropriates funds, not the president. We’ve sent a letter to the Defense Department opposing the transfer of $1.5 billion for President Trump’s unnecessary border wall. Campaign promises shouldn’t be put ahead of the needs of our military.

Congress should hold hearings on why Google is willing to work with the Chinese dictatorship increasing its capacity to impose tyranny on its citizens but unwilling to work with the United States Defense Department to protect America. This is beyond unpatriotic.

Trump Defense Department sent nearly 5,000 fewer troops for Harvey recovery than claimed

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BREAKING: The Department of Defense announced its plan tonight to implement President Trump’s directive to ban transgender service members from serving in the military. That directive has been blocked by federal courts in four separate cases, including our case, Stone v. Trump.