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Eleven months after hip surgery, Denver Nuggets guard Isaiah Thomas will make his return tonight against Sacramento, league sources tell ESPN.
#Breaking : Students at Denver schools are walking out of classes in protest of#DACA announcement
In the richest country in the world, our teachers should be the best-paid, not among the worst-paid. I stand with Denver teachers. We must invest in public education because our students and teachers deserve better. #DenverTeacherStrike
Leaving Denver with the W like ...
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Isaiah Thomas will make his debut for the Denver Nuggets tonight vs. Sacramento, per @wojespn
Mon: Kyler Murray declares intent to play in NFL; Browns sign RB Kareem Hunt.

Tues: Antonio Brown bids farewell to Steelers; potential top 15 pick Jeffery Simmons announces he tore his ACL.

Weds: Ravens agree in principle to trade Joe Flacco to Denver.

Quiet time of the year.
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