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Eleven months after hip surgery, Denver Nuggets guard Isaiah Thomas will make his return tonight against Sacramento, league sources tell ESPN.
In the richest country in the world, our teachers should be the best-paid, not among the worst-paid. I stand with Denver teachers. We must invest in public education because our students and teachers deserve better. #DenverTeacherStrike
#Breaking : Students at Denver schools are walking out of classes in protest of#DACA announcement
Isaiah Thomas will make his debut for the Denver Nuggets tonight vs. Sacramento, per @wojespn
Leaving Denver with the W like ...
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Mon: Kyler Murray declares intent to play in NFL; Browns sign RB Kareem Hunt.

Tues: Antonio Brown bids farewell to Steelers; potential top 15 pick Jeffery Simmons announces he tore his ACL.

Weds: Ravens agree in principle to trade Joe Flacco to Denver.

Quiet time of the year.
Robin Williams cheerleading for the Denver Broncos, 1980
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