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We learn her that the idea apparently originated with Jared, who thought pardoning Blags wld curry favor with Dems. When IL GOPs got Trump on the phone to try to dissuade him they learned he and Mulvaney didn't know the details of the case via @TPM 

In his first two tweets of the day, Pres Trump calls for taking steps so the slain victims in El Paso and Dayton do not die in vain. Calls for Dems and GOPs to act on "strong background checks" on gun purchases - perhaps linking it to immigration reform. He speaks at 10AM/ET.

@NathanBransford  @TPMflooring  the engine and slamming into a wall has a lot of clarity to it. on the message point, the reality of the situation is the best message. GOPs won't let Trump be removed from office so Dems shld put all their effort into unearthing his misrule and crimes.

GOP’s cave on clean CR to Feb. 8 allows Trump to fight on border wall another day but from a diminished position with Pelosi and Dems controlling House next year

Trump's latest middle-class tax cut pitch could backfire, reports . (Among other problems, it makes it sound like the GOP’s first tax cut was, as Dems say, only for the rich.)

Best thing about Trump has always been consistency and message discipline. GOPs campaign is now Dems are a violent lawless mob. Trump toasts Congressman who body slammed a reporter for his violent assault.

13/ The GOP’s Senate majority was meant to be safe this year. (Way more Dems facing re-election.) But that is now less certain. Mitch McConnell, No1 Senate Republican, recently said many races were “knife fights” + the majority could go. That would be a disaster for Trump.

Yet despite Trump’s apparent toxicity, Dems haven’t tried hard to tie the GOP’s Vargas to the president (Trump made his former law partner, former Rep Trujillo OAS ambassador) Is the atmosphere so anti-GOP anyway it wasn’t needed? Is this where the blue wave breaks? We’ll see

PA 18 shows GOP’s base challenge this year: Recreating the Trump coalition. Dems faced similar challenges with Obama coalition in 2010, 2014

Utah GOPs Want to Name Utah National Parks Highway after Donald Trump; Dems Want to Name Accompanying Frontage Road After Stormy Daniels via


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WH now says Dems & GOPs from both House & Senate will take part in immigration policy meeting with Pres Trump at 1130AM to work out DACA deal as part of funding package needed by Jan 19 deadline.

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SCANDAL! Dems agreed to fund continued research into Russia owning Trump after GOPs decided they didn’t care anymore

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GOP Sen@RoyBlunt  doubtful health care plan passes, says Trump repeal-only is non-starter, GOPs have to work w/Dems

4 judges ruling against Trump on ban: District Court judge (appointed by Bush 43); Appeals Court: (Carter, Bush 43, Obama): 2 Dems, 2 GOPs.

Hillary and Dems won because Trump did well enough to stay in the race but not well enough to close the gap. Vulnerable GOPs will lose.

Remember, the Dems have a special project recording and banking every GOPs word of support for Trump for 2018, 2020, maybe beyond.