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#Live | Listen in: @AITCofficial  MP @abhishekaitc  attacks Centre over Citizenship Amendment Bill. ‘Demonetisation had sent the nation to ICU and CAB will put the nation on ventilator’, says Abhishek Banerjee in Lok Sabha. Listen in. | #HinduHitlerInsult 

Modi ji’s self-inflicted disasters in chronological order: 1. Demonetisation 2. GST 3. Muscular approach in Kashmir 4. Pulwama/Balakot 5. Kashmir/370 6. RCEP 7. Tanked economic growth to zero 8. CAB/NRC that will cause more misery than all the others put together.

Govt is wrong because it's clueless, unable to look for obvious clues as it is stubborn & mulish in defending its mistakes like demonetisation, GST, tax terrorism, regulatory overkill, protectionism & centralised control of decision-making in PMO: @PChidambaram_IN  #EkThiEconomy 

Creepy creeping demonetisation of 2000 note, Now That The Built In Gps Battery Has Run Out. But they are calling it switching 2000 notes 4 lower denomination notes to avoid panic & bad publicity.

@PChidambaram_IN  The govt is unable to look for the obvious clues because it is stubborn and mulish in defending its catastrophic mistakes like demonetisation, flawed GST, tax terrorism, and centralized control of decision-making in the PMO: @PChidambaram_IN  Read more 👇

#EconomicSlowdown -- The small industries have been hit the most and we still haven't reached the pre-demonetisation levels till now: @akritibhatia01  (Policy Analyst) tell @bhupendrachaube  o #Viewpoint  .

"No enmity": Shatrughan Sinha on raising demonetisation, GST issues.

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"No Enmity": Shatrughan Sinha On Raising Demonetisation, GST Issues

Think of a proposed nationwide NRC as the governance equivalent of demonetisation: Illusory gain but morally & practically high costs. The Modi government is often criticised for not having any adult economists in the room who can speak freely. @pbmehta 


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Our economy has not recovered from the man made blunders of demonetisation & a hastily implemented GST... I urge the govt to put aside vendetta politics & reach out to all sane voices to steer our economy out of this crisis: Former PM Dr Manmohan Singh#DrSinghOnEconomicCrisis 

Here are the benefits of demonetisation, encapsulated in this short film. Have a look. #AntiBlackMoneyDay 

Though the list of financial scams of Modi govt is endless, demonetisation was a self inflicted deep wound on Indian economy which even two years later remains a mystery why the country was pushed into such a disaster ?

Demonetisation was not a disaster, it was a mega scam. It destroyed India's economy & irrespective of whichever fraud Modi govt might indulge in to hide NSSO data, everyone in this country knows unemployment rate is the highest now than ever since 1947

BJP unveils a fresh set of jumlas without telling the country what is the fate of its 2014 jumlas. Modi-Shah don't have the courage to speak on why demonetisation was done ? What happened to two crore jobs ? Why were farmers pushed towards destruction?

GS Smt. gave Modi the ultimate challenge. "Fight the last two phases of Lok Sabha elections on demonetisation, GST, crime against women & those false promises which you made to the nation's youth."

Namo was let down twice on economic issues: First in Demonetisation by not being ready with new Notes especially of ₹100 and ₹2000 before announcement and not informing Namo about it. Second in GST by hiding that GSTN was an UPA/ PC idea for helping HDFC and ICIC earn interest

After 31stMarch too,5 banks assigned to accept 500/1000. Banks of Ganga,Yamuna,Saraswati,Narmada,Godavari. #ModifiedForward  #DeMonetisation 

Some journalists trolled me for saying demonetisation was popular w/masses, then spent weeks in UP not reporting but campaigning. Next move?