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Tonight, Alabama voters elected a senator who'll make them proud.

And if Democrats can win in Alabama, we can -- and must -- compete everywhere.

Despite thousands of hours wasted and many millions of dollars spent, the Democrats have been unable to show any collusion with Russia - so now they are moving on to the false accusations and fabricated stories of women who I don’t know and/or have never met. FAKE NEWS!
Congratulations to @GDouglasJones for his great victory.  Congratulations to the people of Alabama for doing what few thought they would do. This is a victory not just for Jones and Democrats.  It is a victory for justice and decency.
BREAKING: Senate Democrats just tried to get Senate Republicans to adjourn for a few days and take the time to actually read their tax bill.

RT if you agree that reading bills before they’re voted on is the least we can do.
UPDATE: Democrats just offered an amendment to ensure corporations use their tax savings to raise employee wages at the same rate they increase executive pay, stock buybacks and dividends to shareholders. Every single Republican voting, voted NO. #GOPTaxPlan
Funny to hear the Democrats talking about the National Debt when President Obama doubled it in only 8 years!
The jury was not told the killer of Kate was a 7 time felon. The Schumer/Pelosi Democrats are so weak on Crime that they will pay a big price in the 2018 and 2020 Elections.
Democrats refusal to give even one vote for massive Tax Cuts is why we need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama. We need his vote on stopping crime, illegal immigration, Border Wall, Military, Pro Life, V.A., Judges 2nd Amendment and more. No to Jones, a Pelosi/Schumer Puppet!
BREAKING: 70% of Americans want Congress to investigate @realDonaldTrump for sexual harassment, according to @QuinnipiacPoll. Democrats are working to get an Oversight Committee investigation into the many allegations - retweet if you’re with us!
God damn it, reporters. STOP framing the tax bill as a fight between two equal sides. @NPR just had "Democrats say it hurts the middle class" and helps the rich.

ALL analysis, including JCT which is overseen by Rs, says this.

This, simply, IS a transfer from poor to rich.
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