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This is an egregious attack on our democracy. The end of #NetNeutrality protections means that the internet will be for sale to the highest bidder. When our democratic institutions are already in peril, we must do everything we can to stop this decision from taking effect.
US president says he should have left US citizens imprisoned by non-democratic regime because the family didn’t acknowledge him personally
This is not a sick system, Mr. President, nor is it a rigged system. Let's not sow distrust in our democratic institutions.
Tax hikes for millions of middle class families ➕ huge tax breaks for wealthy & corporations = Even better odds the House & Senate become Democratic in 2018
At this moment when our democratic institutions are in peril, ending #NetNeutrality protections would be devastating. The FCC must vote against ending a free and open internet.
The real story on Collusion is in Donna B's new book. Crooked Hillary bought the DNC & then stole the Democratic Primary from Crazy Bernie!
The attempt to delegitimate an independent media and defy the rule of law is not a Republican or Democratic issue. It is a challenge to democracy itself.
Normalisation of words “traitor/treachery” to mean “people who disagree with my belief”...
Not entirely sure how political system is meant to do its job of mediating sustainable democratic compromise in such circumstances...
Can’t believe I have to type these words: A president should never be willing to leave US citizens in a foreign jail of a non-democratic regime solely because they aren’t praising him enough.
Hon. @JoshuaOsih, 1st National VP of the Social Democratic Front #Cameroon: Biya Should Step Down Immediately
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