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The suit sought an injunction to block the application of a New York state law that could allow the Democratic-controlled House to obtain President Donald Trump's tax returns.

Looks like flip from democratic controlled row offices in key western Pennsylvania counties that began in 2015 solidified as Republicans take big wins in Beaver & Washington Counties-In short Philly collar counties have gotten bluer-Pittsburgh collar counties have gotten redder

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Today in history, Nov. 7: 10 years ago, in a victory for President Obama, the Democratic-controlled House narrowly passed landmark health care legislation to expand coverage to millions lacking it and place tough new restrictions on the insurance industry

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In New Jersey, Democrats are looking to maintain their legislative supermajorities and ward off any concerns that Trump and Republicans could widen their reach into Democratic-controlled areas.

Republican Representative Rick Allen (R-GA-12) says their party is ready to return to power in the currently Democratic-controlled House of Representatives and they’re honing in on what they call a ‘sham’ impeachment inquiry to do it.

There was no doubt that the Democratic-controlled body would approve the eight pages of procedures on Thursday, with each side likely to lose a handful of defectors, if any.

In the first formal test of support for the impeachment investigation of President Trump, the Democratic-controlled House voted almost entirely along party lines. More here:

In the first formal test of support for the impeachment investigation of President Trump, the Democratic-controlled House voted almost entirely along party lines

#Editorial : The decision by top leaders in the Democratic-controlled House to limit the plan’s scope hasn’t improved its chances in the Republican-controlled Senate, which will soon face a stark political choice #healthcare 

The Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday voted on resolutions affirming an investigation into President Trump.


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Playbook is DC’s “cheat sheet” for news that matters. Guess what story they left out today? The revelation that the whistleblower gave a heads up to the Democratic-controlled House Intelligence Committee before filing his complaint. That’s not news?

“many Republicans in the Senate are dreading having to weigh their conscience against their political calculations in deciding whether to convict or acquit Trump should the Democratic-controlled House impeach the president.”

Why did the whistleblower only give a heads up to the Democratic-controlled House? Why didn’t he also go to the Senate Intelligence Committee? via @nytimes 

Was asked by Brian what comes next. I think the Democratic controlled House should continue pursuing the truth. And one way to get to the truth is an impeachment exercise.

The Democratic-controlled House passed a pair of spending bills that would fully fund and re-open the federal government. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has repeatedly said that he won’t bring the measures up for a vote.

#ThursdayMotivation: A new Democratic-controlled House has been sworn in today. 🎉👏✊

. is terrified of 1) Mueller and 2) a Democratic-controlled House with subpoena power. And I don’t blame him given his track record.

Source close to WH involved in discussions with Trump says he's personally been advised that Democratic-controlled committees are likely to launch investigations and hold hearings on an array of negative stories... "It would be really miserable," source said.