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Socialism is becoming cool again in America, under the nice name "democratic socialism." But @crazyglorita  says to Americans: watch out! She saw socialism destroy countries in Latin America:

Margaret Thatcher: 'The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money': New Democratic Party to apply for federal wage subsidy as donations dry up #cdnpoli 

WATCH as @DineshDSouza  explains to @BuckSexton  how the Coronavirus crisis & continued Democratic lockdowns has given Americans a glimpse into Democratic socialism ⬇️ It's time to #ReOpenAmerica  US

In democratic socialism, people vote every two or four years. In a free market system, people vote with their hard-earned dollars every day. Which system better reflects the wishes of the people?

The moral legitimacy of democratic socialism comes from the idea of extending democracy from the political to the economic sphere. But what if we already have it?

A fun and lively debate in which @NathanJRobinson ⁩ makes the moral case for democratic socialism and I make the moral case against it

My article in @Newsweek ⁩ today: How capitalism creates social justice. I show how capitalism is in fact more “democratic” than democratic socialism

This is the dystopian future for our children (a whole school going virtual forever) if we don't demand public investment in education, demand accountability from public representatives ... and democratic socialism.

CHUMLEY OPINION: America’s scarily sharp COVID-19 turn toward socialism - - "The Democratic Socia @WashTimesists  of America smell opportunity. Out of COVID-19 crisis, here they come. And they're bringing scores of Democrats in Congress."


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What democratic socialism means to me is making sure that all people live with security and dignity. That was FDR’s vision over 70 years ago and it is what we must continue to fight for today.

Reagan won the Cold War without a shot being fired. This left Soviet Communism on the ash heap of history. I believe @realDonaldTrump  will win the domestic Cold War, also without a shot being fired. This will leave Democratic Socialism on the ash heap of history #PresidentsDay 

Interesting listening to Republican farmers on NPR complain about Democratic spending and socialism. Farmers get huge subsidies from the US government and the four largest deficits over their terms have been fromGOP presidents. What is the real reason they don’t like Democrats?

Democratic socialism means democracy. It means making sure everybody can live with dignity in the richest country on Earth. And it means creating a government that represents all of us, not just the wealthiest people in America.

When we talk about “democratic socialism,” we’re talking about making sure everybody can live with dignity in the richest country on Earth. That means making sure everyone has the basic necessities of life: decent housing, good health care, good education and a good retirement.

The first Democratic presidential debate will be in Miami. Which means we will have over a dozen candidates for President promoting socialism in a city which is home to hundreds of thousands of victims of socialism in #Cuba  #Nicaragua  & #Venezuela  .

The Democratic Party is no more. They are now the Socialist Democratic Party. They continue to embrace socialism, which would destroy our country as we know it.

Hello I'm hosting a Town Hall on Capitalism and Socialism next week on the Fox Business Network. I think this will be the central issue in 2020 and beyond and want to get all sides in fairly. I'm inviting you to explain why Democratic socialism is the best system for USA

I’m not afraid of you, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.I ask again, come on my TV or radio shows. I’d love to discuss democratic socialism, etc. with you.