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@SteveKornacki  looks at the latest polls and explains what is at stake in the Democratic primary on Super Tuesday: 1,344 pledged delegates.

Viewers at a local watch party said they already had their minds made up as to which of the 7 Democratic presidential candidates they will vote for during Oregon's primary election in May. Others had a different opinion. By: @CarsynKTVL 

Bernie Sanders was bruised but not broken in the final Democratic debate before the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday. Here are some key takeaways.

Seven Democratic hopefuls took the stage Tuesday night ahead of the South Carolina primary on Saturday.


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“The Republican Party has nearly eight times as much cash-on-hand as the Democratic Party in the heat of the 2020 primary season.”

If you are registered No Party Preference (NPP) in California, you MUST request a Democratic ballot in order to vote for Bernie in the primary. Click here to request your Democratic ballot today:

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"Advisers hoped that Secret Service moves in Manchester to secure the area for president would make it harder for Democratic candidates and their supporters to transverse the state’s largest city in the hours before the primary’s first votes are cast"

Sen. Bernie Sanders tops the Democratic primary race, a new Quinnipiac national poll finds. -Bernie Sanders: 25% -Joe Biden: 17% -Michael Bloomberg: 15% -Elizabeth Warren: 14% -Pete Buttigieg: 10% -Amy Klobuchar: 4% No others in the poll were above 2%.

Note to my colleagues in the media: Virtually no policies under discussion in this Democratic primary are "radical" or "extreme" in any reasonable sense. They are just different ideas that are successfully humming along in multiple comparable countries.

The real story on Collusion is in Donna B's new book. Crooked Hillary bought the DNC & then stole the Democratic Primary from Crazy Bernie!

What if our biggest state voted on the same day as Iowa? California sends 10 times more delegates to the Democratic convention and presidential primary voting begins in CA today.

Breaking: The New York Times's editorial board has endorsed two candidates @amyklobuchar  and @SenWarren ) for the Democratic presidential primary. #TheWeeklyNYT 

In the history of the U.S., no Hispanic has ever won even a single Democratic presidential primary or caucus. (Fact the media will ignore: emphatically not true on the Republican side.) As this year’s field illustrates, Dem party is dominated by white, socialist septuagenarians.

Former DNC chair Donna Brazile and Elizabeth Warren now both admit that the Democratic primary was rigged