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Congrats Mayor Pete on your upcoming CNN contributor gig which we all know you’re getting because all they hire are disgraced former Obama officials and failed democrat presidential candidates. #Congrats 

Mike Bloomberg beat back criticism of himself and his campaign tonight in a Fox News town hall, arguing that he is, indeed, a Democrat and has no reason to follow fellow moderates Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar out of the presidential race

Insiders tell me a private jet is about to take Mayor Pete to Dallas to endorse Joe Biden. And Republicans tell me they're considering voting Democrat this year - if Bernie isn't the nominee

WASHINGTON - Democrat Pete Buttigieg endorsed Joe Biden for US president on Monday, providing a major boost to the former vice president's White House hopes just one day after the onetime Indiana mayor himself dropped out of the race. #BangkokPost  #World 

Breaking: Amy Klobuchar drops out of the Democrat race. She’s expected to now endorse Biden. It follows Pete Buttigieg's pull out yesterday. This is the Democrat establishment trying to fend off the Bernie wave which they fear will engulf & take over their party on Super Tuesday

Pete Buttigieg fell short in his quest for the nomination, but no Democrat this cycle did more to boost his political career

BREAKING: Democrat Pete Buttigieg to end his campaign for president, according to The Associated Press. via WSPA7

Pete Buttigieg quits campaign, fellow Democrat Joe Biden back in US presidential race

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With every Democrat on stage embracing socialism, even Pete Buttigieg knows that Republicans are going to TAKE BACK THE HOUSE.

We are watching a slow motion heist in the Democrat Party and they're all just nodding their heads. Polls not being released, rules being changed and the "speak truth to power" crowd mum. Bernie Sanders is being robbed in broad daylight (Mayor Pete also getting kicked to curb).

NEW HAMPSHIRE election official caught on camera illegally attempting to influence voters to vote for Democrat candidates, especially for Bernie or Mayor Pete Proving, for the millionth time, the Democrat Motto: You can’t win, if you don’t cheat

Wow! They let Pete run around with a fake win for 3 days to screw Bernie, but you all know that was part of the Democrat’s plan.

The coolest democrat running for president has an interesting track record as mayor. Mayor Pete came into office and tossed out the black police chief and since blacks on the police force have dwindled to 5% from 10%. I'm so baffled why anyone thinks dems should own black vote.

EVERY Democrat still running for president supports abortion up to birth and infanticide: * Joe Biden * Bernie Sanders * Elizabeth Warren * Amy Klobuchar * Pete Buttigieg * Tom Steyer * Mike Bloomberg#prolife  #Christian 

EVERY Democrat running for president has voted for abortion up to birth and infanticide or supports it: #DemocraticDebate  * Joe Biden * Kamala Harris * Bernie Sanders * Elizabeth Warren * Cory Booker * Amy Klobuchar * Pete Buttigieg * Beto O'Rourke

Kamala on fire. Pete is brilliant. Proud to be a Democrat tonight! LET’S GO!!!

Mayor Pete's Hot Sauce Moment? I don't know the official story behind this photo and wonder if it's even real. At 16 I might have thought "this dude is down" but at 20 I would have been insulted and now I'm just sad this type of pandering is still in Democrat playbook.

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