Results for Democracy

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This week alone: — A racist voter ID law was defeated in North Dakota — A second court ruling blocked a discriminatory voter ID law in North Carolina — A federal appeals court ruled against Florida's poll tax Republicans’ bulwarks against true democracy can only last so long.

Swedish social democracy (the canonical example) never rejected private ownership of the means of production or abolished markets, notes @DrDaronAcemoglu . It fixed them.

... Mike Bloomberg is an imperfect candidate for Democrats. But he will save our bleeding democracy which is now suffering at the hands of a tyrant. The 2020 election is about defeating Trump. I am convinced only Mike can do it now.

“I think the key thing about Russiandemocracy is whether or not it’s popular with the people.” On today’s #Daily  podcast with @DermotMurnaghan , @steelejourno  shares his thoughts about #Russia ’s future. Listen in full 🎧

Democrats in 2016: “Our vision for Americandemocracy is a nation in which all people, regardless of their income, can participate in the political process.” So, what does that mean for self-funded Michael Bloomberg?

Bolsonaro also expressed his desire for a good relationship with Mercosur and Argentina, having “democracy and liberty above everything.”

“In a functioning democracy, concerns about large-scale civil rights violations caused by surveillance activities should be litigated in the courts. But the recent track record of India’s judicial branch on such issues does not inspire confidence.”

@rrw315  @jebhardisonOh , I know. And Bernie chose her to be his press secretary after. Proving that his decision making skills are as suspect as hers when it comes to protecting our democracy. #MAGA 👌🏻

Sobre la crisis de los medios, @VWPickard  plantea: "little evidence suggests that any new market-driven model can rescue newspapers or sustain the journalism that democracy requires. For many areas across the US, there’s simply no commercial option" ✍️


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On the same day: - Two prosecutors have resigned from the DOJ to protest the administration’s intervention to lighten the sentence of one of Trump’s accomplices - The Senate GOP blocked votes on three bills to secure our elections The rule of law & our democracy are in crisis.

I'm begging the American people to pay attention to what is going on. Because if you want to have a democracy intact for your children, and your children's children, and generations yet unborn we've got to guard this moment…this is our watch.

As the president's impeachment trial began, Republican senators pledged an oath to defend the Constitution. Today, 52 of them voted to betray that oath—and all of us. We’re entering dangerous territory for our democracy. It’ll take all of us working together to restore it.

Lt. Col. Vindman is escorted out of the White House. I have seen this movie before. It is not one set in a democracy. The shame of this moment in history is indelible. The only question is how the American people react in the present.

The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.

Congratulations to everybody who showed up and participated in our democracy in record numbers yesterday. The change we need won’t come from one election alone – but it is a start. Last night, voters across the country started it.

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Peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy. Even if I don't always agree, I recognize the rights of people to express their views.

This is what happens when the people vote. Congrats and . And congratulations to all the victors in state legislative, county and mayors' races. Every office in a democracy counts!

Victory for Macron, for France, the EU, & the world. Defeat to those interfering w/democracy. (But the media says I can't talk about that)

This is an egregious attack on our democracy. The end of #NetNeutrality  protections means that the internet will be for sale to the highest bidder. When our democratic institutions are already in peril, we must do everything we can to stop this decision from taking effect.