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Exclusive: Doctor studying dementia and football link urges clubs to introduce regular cognitive testing for players and to ban kids heading | @JWTelegraph 

The reality of dementia: Caregivers in spotlight during Alzheimer's awareness month

Over the next 20 years, we project that the prevalence of dementia in the US will double, with women comprising about two-thirds of those expected to develop dementia.

Livonia police search for missing 68-year-old man with dementia

Man stole nearly $20,000 from elderly woman with dementia

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Half of older Americans fear that they’ll develop dementia — why most of their prevention methods are all wrong #wallst 

Dementia patients in the Honor House at the Danville, Ill. VA received robotic pets to help bring comfort, companionship, and reduce their need for pharmacological interventions.

The new ‘life centre’ could also include a dementia cafe, a councillor drop-in surgery and meeting rooms for residents and community groups.

65-year-old woman suffering from dementia has been found

iGeriCare brings clarity to dementia with simple lessons, resources and online live events. Join their next Facebook Live event November 21 at 1:00 PM on Deprescribing Medications in Dementia. Learn more at

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BREAKING: Trump flies to Walter Read for medical tests. White House claims he is doing "portions" of his 2020 physical early. BACKGROUND: Trump is known to be obese, have heart disease and has frequently exhibited signs of dementia known as "sundowning."

Three North Carolina nursing home workers were arrested and charged with running an elderly fight club between their patients with dementia:

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Went to visit my aunt, who despite suffering from dementia, has an intact sense of humor. Me: How have you been? Her: I have no idea.

If Trump gets dementia, how will we know?

Hoo boy. We seem to be in a vicious circle, in which the worse things get, the more Trump doubles down on whatever caused the problem. Is there a name for this? A dementia spiral?

I believe that we can alter the course of Alzheimer’s. That’s why I’m investing in the Dementia Discovery Fund.

Behind closed doors, Jim Comey answered questions with “I don’t know” 166 times, “I don’t remember” 71 times, and “I don’t recall” 8 times. He's either lying or in early stages of dementia! Not a very credible witness-just another political hack.

Congi logic on EVM tampering is hilarious. When Congi is in power in 2014 Then BJP in opposition can rig EVMs and win. When BJP is in power in 2018 Cong in opposition can win absolute majority defeating BJP!!! Dementia has hit Congi

Last night, Trump told Fox News he hadn’t left the White House for months. Yet we all saw him with *our own lying eyes* in Iraq and Texas in recent weeks. This. Would. Be. A. Huge. Story. Under. Any. Other. President. Trump is either a liar or suffering from dementia. Or both.

They're trying to stop you reading about Dementia Tax. That's Dementia Tax. Dementia Tax? Think about that for a minute. Dementia Tax.