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Dem Senator Schumer hated the Iran deal made by President Obama, but now that I am involved, he is OK with it. Tell that to Israel, Chuck!
For the nightttt love isn't always on time dem dem dem demmm (guitar noise)
YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHH! Haaaaaaaaa!!!!! He's a BAAAAADDDDDDD Man!!!!! Haaaaaa! How 'Bout Dem @dallascowboys. YEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!
...Why did the DNC REFUSE to turn over its Server to the FBI, and still hasn't? It's all a big Dem scam and excuse for losing the election!
Sleazy Adam Schiff, the totally biased Congressman looking into "Russia," spends all of his time on television pushing the Dem loss excuse!
How 'Bout DEM COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
West Virginia was incredible last night. Crowds and enthusiasm were beyond, GDP at 3%, wow!Dem Governor became a Republican last night.
Nancy Pelosi and Fake Tears Chuck Schumer held a rally at the steps of The Supreme Court and mic did not work (a mess)-just like Dem party!
with dem boys @onedirection #AMAs
WHEN THE KLAN HAD POWER: In the 1920s the KKK marched 50,000 men in hoods down 5th Ave in NY--they were headed to the Dem Nat'l Convention
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