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@davidaxelrod  @senatemajldrRepublicans  WILL fill the seat, since, thanks to the Dem's Russia Hoax, the anti-police rhetoric of Obama, the violence of ANITFA & disruption by the "Occupy " movement, the country's ALREADY been torn apart. Another Justice won't come close to harm done by Dems & MSM Fake News.

@ushadrons  @katestarbirdSo  then is the answer to build trusted ways of communication that don't rely on the social media funhouse? If I was a Dem running in 2020, I would make this a priority.

Dem Rep. Warns Trump Against Call to Re-Admit Russia to G7: ‘What Does Putin Have Over This President?’

R.I.P. to Buddie of Dem Franchize Boyz.

Dem Rep. Warns Trump Against Call to Re-Admit Russia to G7: ‘What Does Putin Have Over This President?’


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Elijah Cummings never even went to the Southern Border and then he screams at the very good people who, despite Congresses failure to fix the Loopholes and Asylum, make it work (crossings are way down and the Wall is being built). Even with zero Dem help, Border getting strong!

BREAKING: It appears that and her entire leadership team are no longer in charge of the Dem Conference'>House Dem Conference. Pelosi now answers to and serves the new House Dem Leadership: Speaker Ocasio-CortezMajority Leader OmarMajority Whip Tlaib

Now that they realize the only Collusion with Russia was done by Crooked Hillary Clinton & the Democrats, Nadler, Schiff and the Dem heads of the Committees have gone stone cold CRAZY. 81 letter sent to innocent people to harass them. They won’t get ANYTHING done for our Country!

Why does the Mueller team have 13 hardened Democrats, some big Crooked Hillary supporters, and Zero Republicans? Another Dem recently added...does anyone think this is fair? And yet, there is NO COLLUSION!

We've reached a sad point where is so terrified of offending her new bosses, Omar/AOC/Tlaib, that those 3 could submit a resolution deeming 911 an inside job & I'm confident that 95% of Dems'>House Dems would still be too afraid to cross them. They run the Dem Party now

Democrats could solve the Shutdown in 15 minutes! Call your Dem Senator or Congresswoman/man. Tell them to get it done! Humanitarian Crisis.

In Florida there is a choice between a Harvard/Yale educated man named who has been a great Congressman and will be a great Governor - and a Dem who is a thief and who is Mayor of poorly run Tallahassee, said to be one of the most corrupt cities in the Country!


McConnell held a Supreme Court seat open for a year, insisting no Justice be confirmed in an election year without voters having a say. This was a terrible precedent but one he will need to live with. Dem Senators must insist — absolutely no confirmation until after the midterm.

For the nightttt love isn't always on time dem dem dem demmm (guitar noise)