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New Poll Shows Dem’s Impeachment Hopes are Doomed

Dem senator releases documents relevant to watchdog ruling that the Trump admin broke the law on Ukraine aid

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Inside chamber, senators sat silently as Schiff railed on “the most incredible propaganda coup” of Trump “reciting Kremlin talking points” and pushing a “kooky” conspiracy theory. Most GOP senators were in the chamber - I counted about 10 empty seats. And about 3 empty Dem seats.

This is ridiculous and every dem should vow to debate an empty orange chair and do the chicken dances from arrested development

If as GOP argues it was ok for Trump to ask Ukraine to investigate the Bidens then wouldn't it also be ok for Biden to have done what GOP accuses him of and for any future Dem president to investigate Trump and any other political opponent? Everyone ok with that?

NEW: Dem Senator calls on NSA to examine White House cybersecurity following Bezos hack

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@CBSEveningNews  exclusive: Sen. Bernie Sanders responds to Sec. Clinton's charge that "nobody likes him." "This is not the kind of rhetoric that we need right now when we are trying to bring the Dem. Party together to defeat the most dangerous president in American history"

"You have my undying support" -now GOP Rep Van Drew to Pres Trump in the Oval Office on Dec 19 "I haven’t voted for him, I didn’t support him, I will not vote for him" -then-DemRep Jeff Van Drew to a NJ constituent on Nov 30 Rally in Wildwood NJ Tues!

Poll says wolves unite us all? Not so fast, says West Slope senator -- a Dem -- with a bill that could tap the brakes so hard the reintroduction initiative might be moot -- even if it passes. #copolitics  #environment  @jasonblevins  @KerryDonovanSD5 


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Rand is 100% right. If we hear from witnesses we should hear from them all. Hunter, Joe, bullshit whistleblower, Schiff etc. If Republicans continue the Dem 1-way sham because they’re to weak to fight like Pelosi they don’t deserved to be re-elected.

Just counted 21 empty seats on the GOP side of the Senate, 2 on the Dem side, a couple hours into Schiff's presentation. Some are just stretching their legs, but most are not in the chamber. Some of them have been out of there for a while.

@NancyPelosi  said impeachment would have to be “compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan.” She never expected she’d have: -1 Democrat vote no -1 Democrat vote present -Another Dem vote no AND switch parties No wonder she won’t send the actual Articles to the Senate.

The Democrats'>House Democrats were unable to get even a single vote from the Republicans on their Impeachment Hoax. The Republicans have never been so united! The Dem’s case is so bad that they don’t even want to go to trial!

Now that they realize the only Collusion with Russia was done by Crooked Hillary Clinton & the Democrats, Nadler, Schiff and the Dem heads of the Committees have gone stone cold CRAZY. 81 letter sent to innocent people to harass them. They won’t get ANYTHING done for our Country!

Hard to believe that @FoxNews  will be interviewing sleazebag & totally discredited former FBI Director James Comey, & also corrupt politician Adam “Shifty” Schiff. Fox is trying sooo hard to be politically correct, and yet they were totally shut out from the failed Dem debates!

For the nightttt love isn't always on time dem dem dem demmm (guitar noise)

Radical Left Dem Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, is doing everything possible to stifle Free Speech despite a record sell-out crowd at the Target Center. Presidents Clinton and Obama paid almost nothing! The Minneapolis Police have been incredible....

Elijah Cummings never even went to the Southern Border and then he screams at the very good people who, despite Congresses failure to fix the Loopholes and Asylum, make it work (crossings are way down and the Wall is being built). Even with zero Dem help, Border getting strong!

McConnell held a Supreme Court seat open for a year, insisting no Justice be confirmed in an election year without voters having a say. This was a terrible precedent but one he will need to live with. Dem Senators must insist — absolutely no confirmation until after the midterm.