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I’m excited to announce that President Trump just signed into law legislation that will bring the Delta Queen back to Missouri. This important part of our nation’s history will create jobs and strengthen our state’s growing tourism industry.
"She's already hurling, we're not even off the ground yet!" - middle-aged sassy queen of a flight attendant at @delta Madrid to JFK flight
Loading the Delta Queen Riverboat in 1900s on the Mississippi River in New Orleans.
The Delta Queen is one step closer to cruising the Mississippi once again
The first day, the Queen of Soul wore the bright crimson of Delta Sigma Theta. The visitors who lined up before dawn to behold her might have closed their eyes and imagined Franklin before a piano, the fur coat dropped one last time.
Getting the Delta Queen to Kimmswick, #MO will create jobs, boost economic growth and strengthen our state’s tourism industry
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