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Today, the @hornets ⁩ officially name the media work areas at Spectrum Center for retired play-by-play announcer Steve Martin. Most appropriate. I would say Steve and Dell Curry are as synonymous with the NBA in Charlotte as anyone could be.

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And that is what Michael Dell said at Davos, when asked about @Ocasio2018  ’s marginal tax increase proposal. Nice society you got there, full of needy people. Be a shame if you taxed away my foundation that could help them.

Whether it’s Michael Dell at Davos or Mike Bloomberg at the gun safety forum or Zuckerberg on Fox, the philanthropy is explicitly being used to justify inequality. Without this system, we are told, you wouldn’t have Dell charity, Bloomberg forums, Zuck’s research. SO PIPE DOWN.

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 7390 Review: A convertible laptop with very few compromises by @Gordonung 

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Madame is shaking the Italian urban scene with her sharp lyrics and hypnotic style 🧡💛 Don't miss her exclusive live DSCVR session of "La Promessa dell'Anno" & "Sciccherie" now ▶︎

Dell PR forgot to use BCC. Who is excited for 200 reply-all emails?

Microsoft announces Secured-core PCs, which will come from many vendors like Dell and adhere to security best practices for better firmware attack protection @EPro  / VentureBeat)

$DELL#Dell  Technologies Potential Huawei Supply Issues May Aid Others in the CSP Equipment and Networking Spaces: We are maintaining our fair value estimates for leading communication service providers, such as Nokia and Ericsson,… #equity  #stocks 

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$DELL#Dell  Technologies Morningstar | Dell Technologies Sees Growth in Hybrid Clouds: Born out of Dell's 2016 acquisition of EMC, Dell Technologies is a pre-eminent vendor of IT infrastructure products and services. Although Dell… #equity  #stocks 

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I started Dell 28 yrs ago with $1000. Revenues in 1984 were $6 million. Last year $62.1 billion. Impossible is nothing.

Tucker Carlson's show is bleeding advertisers after he said the U.S. doesn't have a white supremacy problem and that it's a "hoax" being pushed by the media. Dell just pulled out today via @ohheyjenna 

Drake is wearing a Raptors jersey. It's a Dell Curry jersey ...

Year that company was founded. Twitter: 2006 Facebook: 2004 Google: 1998 Amazon: 1994 Huawei: 1987 Dell: 1984 Lenovo: 1984 Apple: 1976 Microsoft: 1975 AMD: 1969 Intel: 1968 Sony: 1946 HP: 1939 Samsung: 1938 Panasonic: 1918 IBM: 1911 Hitachi: 1910 Nintendo: 1889 Toshiba: 1875

Tech billionaires who donate biggest % of wealth to charity. After Bill Gates it’s a disaster. 1 Bill Gates 46% 2 Dell'>Michael Dell 9% 3 Carlos Slim 6% 4 Sergey Brin 5% 5 Ma Huateng 4% 6 Larry Page 3% 7 Mark Zuckerberg 2.4% 8 Larry Ellison 2.1% 9 Jeff Bezos 1.9% -

Seth & Steph Curry will be the first brothers to ever play each other in an NBA conference finals. Sonya & Dell Curry told me their plan is to literally flip a coin to split which kid to root for/which parent wears which team’s gear.

New Orleans has parted ways with GM Dell Demps, league sources tell ESPN.

Crazy Stat of Day: Dell Curry needed 1,083 games to make 1,245 three pointers. It took Steph 427 games.

14 years after playing with Dell Curry, Vince Carter is eliminated from playoffs by Dell's son, Steph.

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