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AAP's Sanjay Singh on Jamia library videos of 15th December: It shows the brutality of Delhi police. Which law is this under which you enter a library & lathi-charge students? I have been saying that the law & order situation is worsening under Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

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#ExpressEditorial | Delhi Police needs to answer why uniformed men in riot gear, helmets, shields and jackets can be seen to trample over the sanctity of a library on campus, and the principles of rule of law, on the evening of December 15 2019.

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Delhi: Seven Maldivian nationals, including a child depart for airport from the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) quarantine facility in Chhawla, after being screened for #COVID19 . The seven Maldivians were evacuated from Wuhan, China by the Government of India.

Delhi Police has formed a Special Investigation Team to probe the videos of violence inside the library of Jamia Milia Islamia University library on December 15. Watch #FirstUp  with @Akshita_N  More videos:

#Alert – Delhi Police briefed Sanjay Hegde yesterday evening. The mediators will not be going to Shaheen Bagh today. They are likely to visit site only by tomorrow. The 3 member mediation panel is awaiting a formal order from SC. @utkarsh_aanand  and @Runjhunsharmas  with details

#Alert – Delhi Police briefed Sanjay Hegde yesterday evening. The mediators will not be going to Shaheen Bagh today. They are likely to visit site only by tomorrow (Wednesday). The 3 member mediation panel is awaiting a formal order from Supreme Court. (Input: @utkarsh_aanand )

#CAAProtest | Among those released was Delhi-based freelance journalist Pradeepika Saraswat, who said police had arrested her despite being informed that she was a scribe. #UttarPradesh 

Police Vs Jamia war erupts. BJP's @narendrataneja  and former IPS officer Uday Sahay discuss the ongoing video war between Jamia students and the Delhi Police on #NewsToday  with @PreetiChoudhry . Full video -

A special investigation team of Delhi Police’s Crime Branch has arrested JNU PhD student Sharjeel Imam in connection with two cases of violence at Jamia Millia Islamia on December 13 and 15 last year

During the meeting, the sources say Delhi Police informed Sanjay Hegde of the problems faced by people and administration because of the #ShaheenBagh  protest. @arvindojha 


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They came to change the face of politics but they have been unmasked! No Lokpal in Delhi. No desire to bring welfare schemes of the Centre for Delhi. Question our armed forces and police. Practice votebank politics.

Delhi Police Sources: Interrogation has revealed that Sharjeel Imam is highly radicalized and believes that India should be an Islamic state, he has also admitted that no tampering has been done with the videos of his different speeches.

Delhi Police sources: The person who had gone to Shaheen Bagh to talk to protestors and brandished a licensed pistol at the protest site, earlier today, has been identified as Mohammad Luqmaan. He claims to be a property dealer.

Delhi Police: A protester at Vijay Chowk today bit Additional DCP Southwest when the police officer was trying to stop protesters from marching towards the Parliament.

JNU violence incident: Delhi Police releases images of the suspects, caught on the CCTV camera. #Delhi 

#WATCH Earlier today AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan was seen in the area in Delhi where violent protests took place, police sources tell ANI that they are investigating elements that caused violence. #CitizenshipAmendmentAct 

Happy to learn fron party sources that HM Amit Shah will directly deal with Delhi Police on why the attempted demolition of the Chandi Chowk area Hindu Mandir was permitted and on whose order. If it was Shree 420’Naxalite’s Order then dismiss the Delhi Govt

Tragic that 2 died in Mangalore& 1 in Lucknow. So on a day filled with protests across India, the violence &chaos occurred mostly in BJP-ruled states (or in Delhi, BJP-controlled cops.) Police elsewhere didn’t incite violence or agitate the protesters. Even policing is political.

#WATCH Counter protest by some Delhi University students against #CitizenshipAmendmentAct  protesters, today. Chants of 'Delhi Police Zindabad' raised. #Delhi 

1.Nirbhaya rape:Interviewed her friend,exposed Delhi Police. Result: FIR against @ZeeNews  & me. 2.JNU case:Exposed the Tukde-Tukde gang. Result:Allegations of doctored tapes 3. Kathua case:Proved innocence of an accused. Result:Trolled That’s the price of showing the truth.