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It is unacceptable to me that 18 million American families pay over half of their income toward housing. It is unacceptable to me that 500,000 Americans are homeless. I believe every American has a fundamental right to safe, decent and affordable housing.

proposing to raise everyone’s Social Security benefits by $200 a month through higher taxes on wealthy Americans seems like a decent way for Elizabeth Warren to get the attention of Joe Biden’s older, blue-collar and African-American supporters

Tens of thousands of Americans die every year because they lack decent health insurance. There is no middle ground when it comes to heath care. We must guarantee affordable health care to every American through Medicare for All.

Today we remember and honor those who fought for workers’ rights—for fair wages, decent benefits, safe working conditions, the right to unionize and more. We know this fight is far from over and we will not rest until we achieve economic justice for all Americans. #LaborDay 

Decent Americans should read with disgust the news that disgraced former @WhiteHouse  aide Steve Bannon appears to be squirming back into @realDonaldTrump ’s good graces. In short, Bannon is poison in the body politic. @QuinHillyer 

I’m heartened to see Americans checking out businesses more thoroughly. The only way capitalism survives and coexists with democracy is if people do business in decent ways. You can’t go on funding extremists, which is what Americans basically do.

Football, which Americans call soccer, is not just a game. It’s a guideline for being a decent human being, @PresidentRuvi  said on Monday at the fifth annual awards ceremony of the Shield of Honor. @greerfc1 

Dem candidates tonight are largely qualified, intelligent, compassionate, committed, decent people who advocate policies to help Americans and to help America grow. No comparison to the GOP. Should be a source of pride to all Dems.

Raising Ethiopia, Ghana, Bangladesh, etc. to a decent human standard of living is FAR more important than the tiny, tiny amount of benefit that a few Americans might derive from shutting off our market to these countries' exports. So we must keep our markets open to them. (end)

I'm torn. Should sentient Americans take a certain cold comfort because Britain is now being led by an even greater imbecile than the United States is? Or should Boris Johnson becoming PM worry us even more, about global decent into despotism, incompetence and general idiocy?


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Housing is so unaffordable in San Francisco that entire families are forced to live in 6'x10' rooms and share a kitchen with 30 other families. In the richest country in the world we are going to end that disgrace. Decent housing must be a right of all Americans. @janeosanders 

It’s a national disgrace that a minimum wage worker cannot afford a modest one-bedroom apartment in 99% of counties in America. All Americans have a right to a decent, affordable home.

Whatever you may be feeling today about our country, hold on, stay steady, and know this: the good and decent mass majority of Americans will endure and prevail. Never doubt. It may take time but it will happen. This is our history and our destiny. Vote. #WhatUnitesUs 

Where are the Republicans who say they stand for "family values?" Where are the conservatives who say they want to protect unborn children? Where are the right-wingers who rail against sexual "perversion?" Where are the voices of decent, sane, good Americans who have had enough?

Think big, not small. It is not "radical" to demand that all Americans receive decent wages, guaranteed health care, quality education, affordable housing and a clean environment. We need a government that represents all of us, not just the 1%.

Republican senators who haven't spoken out against the Trump family separation policy are "gutless wonders," Sen. Hirono declares. "They need to step up and act like decent Americans who understand the history of our country and the role that immigrants have played."

While most Americans are openly disgusted by pedophiles, the bighearted people over at the seek to help them find decent, well-paying jobs where they can shape national policy.

We need an economic strategy which creates decent paying jobs for all Americans, not one which turns Wall Street CEOs into billionaires.