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In episode 6 of the Dead Celebrity Podcast, @DavidLenok  and @michellesmith64  discuss Gloria Vanderbilt and how advisors can help women take control of their finances. #wealthcasts .

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In episode 5 of the Dead Celebrity Podcast, @DavidLenok  and @meggorman_CFM  discuss the language issues that plagued Tom Petty's estate. #wealthcastsisten  here:

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In episode 3 of the Dead Celebrity podcast, @DavidLenok  is joined by @meggorman_CFM  to discuss the details of Karl Lagerfeld's estate plan and how he may have (very generously) provided for his beloved cat, Choupette. LISTEN HERE: #wealthcasts 

By all accounts, Robin Williams did everything right in his estate plan. Yet, there was still a fight. Does that mean his plan failed? Find out in episode 2 of the Dead Celebrity podcast with @DavidLenok  and @MeltzerLippe 's Avi Kestenbaum.

Listen NOW to the inaugural Dead Celebrity podcast: The Bizarre Case of Casey Kasem, featuring @DavidLenok  and @WithersLLP 's Jim Dougherty. Available where ever all your podcasts are found.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Dead Celebrity podcast, where @DavidLenok  will talk with experts about high-profile celebrity deaths and what they did right -- but mostly wrong -- in their estate planning. First up: Casey Kasem. #wealthcasts 

I know the celebrity profile is supposed to be dead (and I largely agree) but this podcast I recorded with producer Adi Shankar is one of the most honest conversations I’ve ever had. We touch on depression, relationships, creativity, racism, and fandom.