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The next 10 days will decide whether or not we can win this race. I’m about to take the stage at the Polk County Democrats’ Steak Fry. Tune in now to hear my take on what we need to do to build the organization needed to compete for this nomination.

Latest on Kolten Wong, who came to the ballpark ready to walk his way back into some role for the team in the coming days. #Cardinals  are more cautious than that. #stlcards  #MLB 

Sen. Cory Booker’s campaign is making an appeal to raise $1.7 million in 10 days to stay in the 2020 race. “I won't continue this unless I can look people in the eye and say we have a chance to win it,” he says.

When your son has his first 20 min guitar lesson two days ago and wants to jam with you and already knows a chord you don’t. Now I can practice with him. (I Clearly need it too) Sooo... he will be soon touring with…

Walmart Ending Car Seat Recycling Program 9 Days Early Due To Demand via @5news 

Ref was ready to relive his glory days 😂😂

Police investigating second fatal shooting at gas station in 2 days

Raonic breaks Nadal to lead 3-2 in the second set. Federer gives him some advice, suggesting he attacks the net more - 'You're so good at the net' - and more spin & slice on the serve, 'like in the old days'.

It's the dust and onions right ? She Quit Her Job. He Got Night Goggles. They Searched 57 Days for Their Dog.

Manitoba has seen more rain in the last couple of days than the September norm, with more coming

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Some days are grumpier than others...

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So many incredible memories. Days like today are days for reflection, so proud looking back! Thank you for ALWAYS having our backs! Big love to the lads! #9YearsOfOneDirection 

TSA agent (checking my ID): "Hawk, like that skateboarder Tony Hawk!" Me: exactly Her: "Cool, I wonder what he's up to these days" Me: this

Our house is burning. Literally. The Amazon rain forest - the lungs which produces 20% of our planet’s oxygen - is on fire. It is an international crisis. Members of the G7 Summit, let's discuss this emergency first order in two days! #ActForTheAmazon 

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Been a crazy couple of days but know that we are going to work harder than ever to deliver the best album we've ever made for you guys !

For the last three days I’ve been trying to wake up out of this nightmare. But I haven’t. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you baby. I miss you so much. Today I’m going to pay tribute to you, I’m going to try and find the words to explain our unexplainable relationship.


1️⃣week left, #BTSArmy ! We're counting down the days to Burn The Stage with a special trailer and a day devoted to each BTS member. #BTSxYouTubeRed 

Been a mad few days and your support has been incredible as per usual ! This in turn Spurs us on to make the best music we possibly can

Finally ! 18 and no control in the set , we needed that extra few days rehearsal on them! It felt so good to play new choonesssss !