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The Phillies should be playing their home opener today, which takes @JSalisburyNBCS  back to his favorite Phillies home opener ... The day John Kruk rolled out of radiation treatment and electrified Philadelphia.

Philadelphia area radio hosts are sharing video messages with Action News, with words of support as they continue to broadcast day in and day out during the COVID crisis.

City officials reported eight new coronavirus cases in Philadelphia jails in just one day, bringing the total to 20 inmate infections as of Thursday. The announcement comes as more advocates demand answers.

Front cover of Philadelphia Dailyu News on day after Game 5 of the 1980 NLCS, which @brookob , @matt_breen  and I contend was the most important #Phillies  game ever played. Please check out our podcast here:

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WATCH: @PhillyMayor  on Thursday signed an $85 million emergency funding measure to cover expenses incurred for the city's fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Philadelphia City Council unanimously approved the measure earlier in the day.

"Las Vegas will always be my family's first home," @Bharper3407  says. "Philadelphia, our home away from home, welcomed us with open arms from day one."

Today is the second day Philadelphia is giving out free food to families hit hard by the effects of the #coronavirus  outbreak. This time there twice as many sites and 3.5 times as much food. 🔊 Listen this morning:

btw @OldHossRadbourn  did pitch on Opening Day 1883 (and also started games 2 through 11!!!!!). Beat the late, great Philadelphia Quakers, in the Quakes' first game of what would turn out to be #Phillies  franchise history.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The coronavirus pandemic is forcing couples everywhere to postpone their weddings — a day that has been carefully planned and in many cases already paid for. Spring is here and this is usually the time when brides are counting down...


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Waverly Woodson, a 21-year-old medic from Philadelphia, treated at least 200 injured men on #DDay  , despite being injured himself. He was with the lone African-American combat unit to fight on D-Day. #DDay75  #DDay75thAnniversary75  75thAnniversary

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It's Constitution Day in America—marking 232 years since the Framers met in Philadelphia to sign our great Constitution—and today at the White House, 28 new Americans officially became United States citizens! 1600 Daily:

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Mass shootings are just a small proportion of the American gun epidemic, says Dr. Joe Sakran. "We have young black men that are being killed on our streets every day in cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, and those stories often go untold." #GunCrisisTownHall 

Hit the game winner at 9, be cage side by 11. Typical day. enjoying tonight a #UFCBrooklynter  their big win in Philadelphia today!

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It’s the day it begins for most: Veterans from 22 NFL teams, including the world-champion Philadelphia Eagles, report to training camp today.

another splendiferous day in New York! off to Philadelphia tomorrow cannit wait to see our mixers there :) nanite love y'all xxjadexx

Philadelphia mayor on Trump: “It’s about me, me, me and me. And that’s all he thinks about every day. It’s not about the country. It’s not about the citizens. It’s not about what’s best for this country. It’s about what’s best for him. And that’s not what the presidency is about”

The Philadelphia @Eagles  sign a 15-year-old leukemia patient to a 1-day contract

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