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David Lammy named three garden foxes after our political leaders and people can relate

David Lammy named three garden foxes after our political leaders and people can relate

Turkish broadcaster darkens image of David Lammy and says he is spreading 'black propaganda’

@piersmorgan  accuses MP David Lammy of spreading 'fake news' after he shared old video of Boris Johnson being pelted by mob

‘Fake news!’ #PiersMorgan  lashes out at David Lammy for sharing Boris video from 2015

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So proud to be part of this wonderful book A Game If Two Halves by amyraphael50 Thanks to @GaryLineker  and david_lammy and all who came to support us tonight and help @Refugees . Please buy the book #football  books…

Piers blasts MP David Lammy for 'fake news' over old video of mob pelting Boris

David Lammy blasts Tory MP for refusing apologise over blackface costume

Piers Morgan accuses David Lammy of spreading 'fake news' after Labour MP shared a 2015 video of police escorting Boris Johnson through a braying crowd and tweeted the PM was 'as popular as ever'


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David Lammy says he would pour "whatever he could get his hands on" upon Steve Bannon. Is that the same David Lammy who is an ambassador for @ActionAidUK , which is campaigning against acid attacks? I suppose that is one way of raising awareness.

After Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson refused to back Jeremy Corbyn's plan to stop a no-deal Brexit, David Lammy told her: "If you can work with the Tories for five years, you can work with Jeremy Corbyn for a few weeks." @DavidLammy  | #NoDealBrexit 

#Marr : "That was an unacceptable comparison, wasn't it?" Lammy: "Andrew, I would say that that wasn't strong enough" Labour MP David Lammy defends his choice of language around the Conservative Party’s ERG #Brexit 

Lord Heseltine says there are "chilling" similarities between the 1930s and the current political climate - after Labour MP David Lammy compared Theresa May's treatment of Tory Brexiteers to 1930s-style appeasement of Nazi Germany.

“If you lay down with dogs you get fleas, and that is what has happened with the far right rhetoric in this country.” Labour MP David Lammy says the “inhumane and cruel” treatment of the Caribbean Windrush generation is a “national shame”.

“The wealth of this country was built on the back of [black] labour” David Lammy says the link between the Caribbean and Britain began when “our descendants were removed from Africa … colonised” and it’s “absolutely unacceptable … to then send us back across the ocean”.

Labour MP David Lammy 'snubbed offer' to make film in Africa with Comic Relief, it emerges, after he criticises Stacey Dooley's charity trip to Uganda

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"If you lay down with dogs you get fleas" says Labour MP David Lammy over the treatment of "Windrush" generation UK residents

David Lammy MP on Grenfell Tower fire: "This is a tale of two cities. This is what Dickens was writing about" #c4news