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Food will be distributed Tabernacle of David located on 2645 West Holmes Road Saturday, June 20.

We spoke with composer David Holmes from Unloved and music supervisor Catherine Grieves about the show’s killer soundtrack.

Dr. David Holmes volunteered to use his medical skills at Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn last month which was a COVID-19 designated hospital.

"They said it looks like a guy basically took his fist and started beating his head with his fist," David Holmes, Kayden's father, said.

Hank Aaron made 2,134 starts as a right fielder for the Braves. That is 32 fewer starts than the sum of the franchise's next three highest RF totals: Tommy Holmes (728), David Justice (728) and Nick Markakis (710).

David Tennant couldn't resist a dig at Eamonn Holmes' coronavirus comments while guest hosting this week's #HIGNFY 

Ofcom weighs in on David Icke and Eamonn Holmes' recent comments about coronavirus and 5G #Ofcom  #5gconspiracy  #coronavirus 

For Hannah Peel's Unfinished Symphony, musician and composer @Hanpeel  delves into her vast record collection to play music elevated by an orchestra ensemble - big or small. This week, Kate Bush, The Four Tops, local producer David Holmes and electronic act @goldfrapp  📻

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Ofcom responds to Eamonn Holmes and David Icke's 5G coronavirus comments

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Out Sept 6th!! issue 15 photographed by artist Deana Lawson styled by Carlos Nazario hair by make-up by using nails by set design by David White production by Holmes Production

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Holmes overheard a July 26 call between Trump and Sondland, in which Trump asked if Zelensky committed to 'do the investigation.' Sondland then told Holmes Trump didn’t care about Ukraine, only his personal interests. Read his and David Hale's testimony:

1) The new testimony from David Holmes breaks important new ground -- and it has broader implications than it first appears. It leads inevitably to a conclusion that completely blows apart one of the biggest defenses of Trump coming from his propagandists right now. *THREAD*

I asked #ImpeachmentHearings  David Holmes what this picture of Ukraine President Zelenskyy represents. It’s why we care about @realDonaldTrump ’s shakedown. Zelenskyy’s people are dying every day from Russian attacks. He was desperate for our aid. But Trump was desperate to cheat.

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I obtained a copy of David Holmes' opening statement, saying that he heard Trump telling Gordon Sondland: "So, he's gonna do the investigation?" Sondland tells Trump: "He's gonna do it" and that Zelensky will do "anything you ask for."

LIVE: @HouseIntel  Hearing with Dr. Fiona Hill and David Holmes. Their testimony before our Committee confirmed how Trump conditioned official White House acts on Ukraine's willingness to announce politically beneficial investigations.

David Holmes is testifying to much more than a phone call between Amb Sondland and Pres Trump - he's laying the entire groundwork for Pres Trump's efforts to get what he wanted from Ukraine's new President

At least two other witnesses - beyond David Holmes - overheard the Trump-Sondland call in which Trump was pressing for investigations into the Bidens, we are told

New: David Holmes confirmed he overheard a July 26 phone call b/t Trump & Sondland in which Trump asked if Ukraine would investigate Biden. Sondland said yes. —>> Holmes was able to hear because Sondland held the phone away from his ear due to how loud Trump was talking. - CNN

WOW: Mid-hearing impeachment inquiry officials announce two new closed depositions. Friday: David Holmes Saturday: Mark Sandy, an OMB official who refused to appear last week.