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Amusing that #Resistance  leader Adam Schiff is in the same neo-con warmonger camp as chickenhawks like Bill Kristol, Max Boot & David Frum.

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David Frum says no one really needs a gun for home defense — just get a dog instead so you don't accidentally shoot your kid

Democrats genuinely love Bill Kristol and David Frum -- that's who exclusively composes their fan base and their book-buying audience (in the case of Frum) -- and there is a lot of revealing insight provided by this fact.

'With each passing day... the political price to those Republicans rises.' Author David Frum says Republicans could lose control of the Senate if they 'look like they are complicit' with President Trump in his impeachment trial.

Trump Impeachment: ‘Everything Lev Parnas said is backed up by contemporaneous evidence’ claims David Frum

David Frum, the Moral Conscience of the Democratic Party (and The Republic), has decreed that Bernie’s critique of Senator Warren is over the line. I hope Sen. Warren is appropriately grateful to have such a gallant white knight as this protecting her honor.

Asking Ari Fleischer, Karl Rove or David Frum what we should do with Iran is like asking Larry Flynt how to promote chastity. These people should be shunned.

Wheels Fall off Never Trump Train as Jen Rubin, David Frum Tag Team to Blame Trump for Ukraine Plane 'Crash' -- via @sistertoldjah  - #ICYMI 

Wheels Fall off Never Trump Train as Jen Rubin, David Frum Tag Team to Blame Trump for Ukraine Plane 'Crash' -- via @sistertoldjah  - #ICYMI 


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I missed this when it happened. Fox news host completely stumped when confronted by David Frum and a cogent discussion of Trump's corruption. Show it to the uncle you argued with at Thanksgiving

"The country needed Mike Pence to keep himself clean," argues David Frum, "and instead—whether out of raw ambition or some weak personal impulse to subservience—Pence plunged into the deepest ooze of the mud."

"Donald Trump is not so reckless as to let his vice president remain clean. That’s going to be very important to President make sure that the vice president is as dirty as possible, to make sure that their interests are aligned." - David Frum

I am very annoyed by Canadian and British immigrants like Andrew Sullivan and David Frum writing that they are the good kind of immigrants, and that immigrants from countries in Asia and Africa must be kept out to preserve "cultural cohesion".

Now reading Trumpocracy by David Frum. Eye-opening. We all knew he was an illiterate, bombastic, vain, childishly self-obsessed fool. But I at least hadn’t realised how financially CORRUPT he is. He’s turning USA into a banana republic.

Dear hysterical protesters at the Munk debate last night: The Prime Minister of Canada defending banks being compelled to give personal transaction data about you to Statistics Canada, is a way bigger threat to your civil liberties than Steve Bannon debating David Frum. #cdnpoli 

One big reason so many in the media can't hold the crime of Iraq against people like McCain, Bush and David Frum - despite its criminality and the scale of atrocities - is because so many of them at the time participated in its promotion and in sliming its critics & opponents:

Perfect illustration of how Dems are now rehabilitating and normalizing people like George Bush & David Frum: Gitmo, Iraq, torture, whatever

David Frum called Trump a "constitutional crisis on two legs" Wrong: he's a constitutional crisis in a golf cart.