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David Ermold was twice denied a marriage license by Kim Davis. Now he’s running against her.
MOREHEAD, Ky. (AP) — A gay man who was denied a marriage license by a Kentucky county clerk will run to unseat her in 2018. Democrat David Ermold announced his candidacy Wednesday to challenge Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis.
Kim Davis denied David Ermold's right to marry another man. Now he’s going to run against her.
David Ermold, a gay Kentucky resident who was denied a marriage license by Kim Davis, is now running to unseat her as Rowan Co. clerk. - @NBCOUT
Two years ago, Clerk Kim Davis denied a marriage license to this Kentucky man and his partner over her religious beliefs. Now, David Ermold is coming after her job.
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Nearly two years after Clerk Kim Davis refused to give him a marriage license because he was gay, David Ermold returned to the Rowan County courthouse to file to run for Davis' job
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