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.@robdelaney @David_Cameron @BarackObama I'm now patched in as well. Sorry for the delay.
You know it's bad when you're not celebrating David Cameron resigning
David Cameron: "Thank you very much........................doo, doo, doo, doo. Right...Good." (The End)
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David Cameron has decided not to attend tonight’s debate. If you're applying for the job of PM, you should turn up to the job interview.
After describing Brexit as ‘a mistake, not a disaster’ David Cameron releases guide to historical events:
Hours after this photo was taken, history was made.

In years to come we’ll teach our kids the speeches of Edna and Emma, Jackie and Yolanda, Zion and David, Cameron and D'Angelo, Ryan and Alex, Sarah and Delaney, Naomi and Christopher.

And when our children tell their story...
David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister following the UK's decision to leave the European Union #EUref
BREAKING: David Warner and Steven Smith banned for one year by Cricket Australia. Cameron Bancroft banned for nine months
UK Prime Minister David Cameron says he will step down by October #EUref #BrexitVote
David Cameron 58 days ago vs. David Cameron yesterday #TerroristSympathiser #SyriaVote
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