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Lacrosse goals, the Storm Surge, and David Ayres. It's been a year to remember for the @NHLCanes . @NHL 🌪 Season Snapshot ⬇️

We were able to get a few big media stories covered from the hockey world over the last 4 months on today’s @StoolChiclets  podcast. Canada’s world junior hero @AkilThomas2amp ; EBUG phenom David Ayres jumped on episode 258 to share some awesome stories.

David Ayres' magic. Andrei Svechnikov's @ASvechnikov14 ) lacrosse-style goals. The @NHLCanesknow  how to have fun! @NHLdotcom  's Season Snapshot ➡️

David Ayres beats the Leafs again in the Hurricanes’ NHL 20 simulation. MORE @

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Ever wonder how EBUG's stay prepared for NHL action? David Ayres shares his secrets.🤫 (🎥: @35Ayres )

David Ayres shows goalies what it's like to face Auston Matthews' shot, how to stay prepared. VIDEO @

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Per FS Carolinas: DirecTV and U-Verse issues from the other night have been corrected for Saturday’s rebroadcast of the David Ayres game.


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Incredible 😳 42-year-old zamboni driver David Ayres subbed in as an emergency goalie for the Canes and got his first NHL win! (via @Sportsnet )

This story is awesome 🙌 David Ayres, a 42-year-old zamboni driver, subbed in as an emergency goalie for the Canes and got the standing ovation after his first NHL win! (via @NHLCanes )

"It was awesome. Time of my life out there." After coming in as the emergency goalie for the @NHLCanes , David Ayres spoke w @SNkylebukauskasth  about picking up his fi @NHLst  win.

Here's something you don't see every day. After Petr Mrazek and James Reimer went down with injurues, emergency goalie David Ayres makes his @NHL  debut!

To be clear, David Ayres is: ▶️ Tonight's @NHLCanes  emergency goalie ▶️ 42 years old ▶️ A Zamboni driver ▶️ A kidney transplant survivor

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The emergency backup goalie is in! David Ayres, a Toronto Marlies Zamboni driver, makes his @NHL  debut 👏👏

David Ayres took the world by storm this week, one appearance at a time. 👏

The scene in the Hurricanes' dressing room when David Ayres walks in 😍 (📽️: @Canes )

Fifteen years ago, David Ayres, the Zamboni driver who recently played in an NHL game, needed a kidney transplant and received the kidney from his mother. We surprised him with a call from his mom this morning!

Leaf fans: Feeling pretty good about the playoffs after the Penguins game. David Ayres: