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Davey Martinez on who could bat third this season, the state of talks with Ryan Zimmerman, who’s going to pitch the ninth inning and why he wasn’t surprised by MLB’s punishment of the Astros.

Who’s going to replace Anthony Rendon at third base? Davey Martinez says top prospect Carter Kieboom will get a chance to win that job this spring.

Davey Martinez and Chuck Todd taped a show today at SiriusXM headquarters. Will air Jan. 23 at 5 pm on @MLBNetworkRadio 

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Davey Martinez and Chuck Todd taping a show at SiriusXM headquarters, will air Jan. 23 at 5 p.m. on @MLBNetworkRadio 

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Thanks to the firings of Alex Cora and A.J. Hinch, Davey Martinez is now the only manager in Major League Baseball to win a World Series with his current franchise.

Just got off a conference call with Starlin Castro. He raved about Davey Martinez, saying that was the No. 1 reason he signed with Nats. Said he’s comfortable at both 2B and 3B. Said he really enjoyed watching Nats last year and rooted for them in October.

Starlin Castro has admired the Nationals from afar for more than a decade, because of Alfonso Soriano and Davey Martinez. How those two connections led to Castro finally getting a chance to play in DC:

The Milwaukee #Brewers  were one of the teams who were pursuing Starlin Castro before he agreed to 2-year, $12 million deal with #Nats , but he badly wanted to play for manager Davey Martinez and the Nats.

The Washington #Nats  players, in a classy move, awarded parts of their World Series shares to all of their scouts and minor league personnel. It was the first time Davey Martinez'>Manager Davey Martinez said he heard of such a gesture.

Davey Martinez on being told Monday morning that Stephen Strasburg was returning to the #Nats : It was a Christmas present.’


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“You guys cured my heart ... tonight I'll celebrate with my boys, because WE are the World Champions!” Davey Martinez delivers a heartfelt celebration speech.

This anecdote reveals so much about what both Gerardo Parra and Davey Martinez did to help the Nationals win this year:

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@Nationals  skipper Davey Martinez jumped off his bus to share this cool moment with a WW2 vet who's celebrating his 100th birthday.

Nationals are wearing the navy blue jerseys again. They’re 2-0 this postseason in them. As Davey Martinez said earlier this year: “I’m not superstitious. I’m a little stitious.”

Davey Martinez was ejected during the 7th inning stretch and is being held back by Chip Hale and Bob Henley. Must've finally seen the replay after the inning ended.

Here it is: On a warm February morning in West Palm Beach, Davey Martinez brought camels to spring training. On a cool October evening in L.A., the Nationals finally got over the hump. They did it, of course, on a Wednesday.

Nationals manager Davey Martinez admitted he accidentally shaved his playoff beard today. Guard came off clipper so had to tighten it up. "I screwed up."

Bob Henley and Tim Bogar just rode into camp on camels. #Nats  players had to walk through them on their way to practice. Why? It’s Wednesday, “Hump Day.” And, as Davey Martinez has noted, this team is trying to get over the hump.