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@jamestareddy  @GraceWSJFeb . @QiLiyan  @Liz_in_Shanghai1  @wangfanfan0  @joshchin : @Lingling_Wei  @JNBPageW  @Chao_Dengo  @stuwoor  @raffaelehuangk  resumes across China—at least in theory. In reality, workers are stranded, unable to reach factories. Office towers are dark as employees work from home. In deserted malls, bored clerks play smartphone games. @stuwoo  @jamestareddy 

Is there a bookshop in Dublin that has Dark Towers by @davidenrich ? Enough about toilet roll we need to stock up on good books.

In ‘Dark Towers,’ the New York Times’s finance editor David Enrich tells the story of the most scandalous bank in the world.

"What the hell are we doing lending money to a guy like this?": The inside story of Deutsche Bank and its support for Trump when other banks wouldn't touch him, as recounted in "Dark Towers" by @davidenrich ⁩ and reviewed by @RogerLowenstein ⁩

🔥 Thanks to @davidenrich  for coming by to tell us about his insane new book Dark Towers - it could almost be fiction but it’s all true! 🔥 WATCH:

Thanks @davidenrich  for Dark Towers. Reads like a thriller, the bad blood 2020. Must read.


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Germany's Deutsche Bank has a rap sheet which includes a staggering array of ethical and legal lapses, not to mention mysterious ties to President Trump. 'Dark Towers' looks at how one of the biggest banks in the world pursued profits at any cost.

Money Laundering. Tax fraud. Sanctions violations. A new book, “Dark Towers,” tells the story of how Deutsche Bank became the biggest bank in the world — at the cost of morality, author David Enrich argues.

In "Dark Towers," David Enrich shows how greed and unchecked ambition toppled Deutsche Bank from its role as the emblem of European institutional lending

Really looking forward to "Dark Towers" by our whip-smart colleague @davidenrich ⁩ which explores the shadowy corruption at the top ranks of modern finance -- and Trump's relationship with the banking giant.

The Monument to the Revolution on Mount Kozara, designed by Dušan Džamonja, evokes the harrowing battle it commemorates. Visitors enter through slits in the tower’s concrete fins to a dark, interior space where light penetrates through an opening at the top. #ConcreteUtopia 

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Fire tornado towers 15m above burning factory in UK’s Derbyshire as dark smoke billows from flames